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There is evidence from Djamil Moore's journal and from other men who say that buck promises money to people and then injects them was crystal meth for his own gratification. K you're dying. He's jerking off. He gets off on this. He gets high while black is die. Sounds like a T shirt, you'd think after Moore's family made the dead sons journal public things would change or at least nobody would die there or God. Forbid, some cops might not on the fucking door and talk the buck. In. No and those pages that Moore left behind. He says that book introduced him to narcotics in one excerpt from December twenty sixteen he wrote, I honestly don't know what to do. I become addictive drugs and the worst one at that. Ed buck is the one to he gave me my first injection of crystal meth, it was very painful, but after all the troubles, I became addicted to the pain and fetish fantasy fetish slash fantasy. My life is at an all time high right now. And I mean that from all ways, I ended up back at bucks house again and got manipulated into slamming drugs, again, I even went to the point where I was forced to doing four within a two day period. This man is crazy. And it said will I ever get help? If it didn't hurt so bad kill myself. But I'll let Ed buck to it for now. And in talking to friend of mine who let's say his seen the world from that side. This is some that goes on and a lot more houses than just f- bucks. There are men who invite dudes to their house and pay them to take drugs and and party in play meaning to get high and perform sexual acts, and when I went over the the coroner's report from twenty seventeen it says that buck's home was a treasure trove of drugs, and there are other men who've confirmed to reporters at the Daily Beast and other other news agencies. What have you that? He has to be the one to inject you with the mess. He likes to have the control over the victim that the more you take the more money. He's willing to pay you. So it's like a game of chicken. But when you broke and living on the street, and someone's dying few on a bucks in front of you. Why wouldn't you play with that extra hot dose of crystal meth or heroin, whatever the fuck it pushing veins. Some somebody's guys don't wanna wake up tomorrow. And I mean. And God knows what kind of sex acts of being performed. But that works on vulnerable people who need money. Police and politicians of very aware of guys like this, and they were obviously aware of Ed bucks predilections. But part of the sick thinking aside from the money. He donates part of the thinking is, unfortunately, while these are basically sick homeless drug addicted black guy there even HIV who cares. Living out of shopping carts on skid row the sleeping on cardboard in the park downtown. Now, that's partly true. There are plenty guys who recruits who aren't homeless though as much as they're reckless with their lives and truly want a court danger for those people listen for those people nobody made you climb up those steps, but for the truly drug addicted guy, this is terribly sad. Any man who preys on the weak is of very dark salt and six months ago. The system district attorney's office said they weren't going to prosecute even though there are survivors..

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