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Hey, welcome back to the program of so twenty seven to one first episode of the New Season Season Twenty seven and fresh guest for never not putting exciting to have him here. I've known Colton a long time. I want to say I met Colton in the Green Room at the. Theater. That sounds about right. Does that sound right to you colon sounds definitely right probably two, thousand, five, thousand, six. Yeah that sounds right. And I. Think it's only appropriate that it took fifteen years ago. That guy's name he went off to Hollywood and do things. And then my family and you don't know this we've been friends that I've been friends lauren ask for a long time. Boards been on this show. Quite a bit, and then we because of Laura we start watching superstar my family loves it. By default we love you very nice. All right I love the show. So great win. So a few a few questions about the program. And this was a serious question. With all stuff that I've been meaning to ask somebody this. was there any because you play gentleman Garrett who's in a wheelchair and is there was there ever any blowback on why didn't they hire an actual handicapped person for that role? Oh, sure. You know there's always that discussion I think when you have characters. Character in a movie or a TV show who has a disability. For Superstore they audition people who used wheelchairs for the part. And you know it's a comedy and as you guys know it the on Somboon has a lot to do with. You know how the how the different actors actually jell together. They thought that the energy that I brought performance work better for the SAMBA And then we had a discussion about. Well. Okay. So if we're going to go with me, do we still want Garrett to use the wheelchair and? We kind of had some discussions about it talk to people with disabilities I talked to a friend of mine who uses a wheelchair and You know we kind of decided that the inclusion of that character was valuable as long as we stay focused on being respectful and not exploitive of it. And that shows. A. Great character and your grade on it and. Yeah that makes sense. Right to the inclusiveness. We wanted to make exactly. We wanted to make sure that that character was represented on this year. Even though I may not necessarily use use a chair Garrett, and there's you know hundreds of thousands of people out there who do work in stores and whose stories don't get home. And I liked it it's It's not the especially when the show starts like I've been binging it in quarantine and so I'm up to like season four now but I like that it's not the focal point of your character. And like old school TV would be like the character will be all about the fact that he's in a wheelchair. Very special episode her. Character. and. So it's just sort of like it's part of the character, but it's not the the headline of the character but then it comes up now and then in fun ways or you know sometimes it's funny sometimes it's like when When Joanna wants to ask you why why you're gonNA wheelchair but he doesn't know how because it's awkward so that I like I liked it, they're the writers are able to have fun with it. And you are representing a part of society is which is Great. That's the goal. All right well. Joining us that's the one question we have. So good to see how. Fifteen years. Thanks. Colin Dunn Guys. We'll be back right after this. Anyway why if you're not watching superstores seriously, it's one of those that admittedly, it took our family a little bit of time to. Not Not to get into got into as soon as we started watching it, we got into it, but it was one of those like. The argument of so much on. TV. When we have time for this and then when we finally had time for it and I think we've been that thing in three weeks we just knocked out everything. Quick Yeah We. We loved it. The whole family loved at me and my my thirteen. He's about to thirteen year old son and my wife we just. Crazy about it. So looking forward to coming back, the Warner Lot ever reopened allows you to do it. We're going back. We're going back to work on. September. Eighth. How are you? Really you have dates yeah Oh. Yeah..

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