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No interest. Don't mouth words. He'll read whatever they put on the teleprompter, but his actions do speak louder than works. That's absolute right, And that's what you're going to hear from one Democrat after another, you know they're all going to talk about unity, and look, that's what look, that's what Connor landed on the floor that last Thursday morning, talked about unity and then called us all liars, and we deserve no respect. Well, that's not exactly how you unified people. All right, still to come your calls and comments coming up. Next, Senator Joe Manchin says he's open to statehood for D C and Puerto Rico. S so now the dance has begun. Wow, is all I can say that that 01 80. Is there anything anything that you can think of? Where you know of that can stop what's coming down The train tracks here. Well, D C statehood would would would most likely require constitutional amendments that will go before the Supreme Court. I think the Constitution's pretty clear that D C is no, it's not eligible to be a state without a change to the Constitution. Puerto Rico's another issue. Puerto Rico You know, you could see you could see that happening. I'm not. As you know, I worry about D C. Statehood more than Puerto Rican statehood. Because Puerto Rico has. For instance, their representative in Congress right now is a Republican. So, but D C that's just voted watch way too far. 95 to 5. Yeah, well, percentage was so so and look it Z Mart for I get it all the constitutional reason. But what we saw over the weekend was the best reason last week was the best reason not to make D C estate because then they would be in charge of security around the federal buildings. And if they didn't like the person, for instance, who was in the White House, they would just allow They would have no security around the White House on we saw it. We saw it with your own Muriel Bowser's is a total failure is the D C. Mayor Total complete 100% failure is the D. C. Mayor.

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