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On the treadmill what do you gonna send a charges half or renton. Oj simpson two hundred yards. last week. It was the most exciting passing. Howard cosell would do the fucking highlights all my guy get chills. I get chills. When i listened to that. I can't find this. I have a theme from f troop. We never got into that show. It's ridiculous it's absurd and it's I can't you be that kind of chips. You know what. I'll give chips. Another chance on horses instead of motorcycles. Forgive him no. I'll give it up for punch. I give it up for astrada. He's great. he's the coolest things ever happened to me as a up. I did a benefit for the Lapd i showed up. It was during the day. And i was like. I don't know how this is going to go. And i ended up being great. We had a great time. And i'm standing up there. And when i looked in the crowd frank pancho villa erik. Estrada was there. Yeah because he still has a connection with those guys from doing stuff all the years that i looked at him a game. We'll give you the smile nice. I'd say. I am leave. Because i had something to do so i didn't get to say hello. There's a restaurant. I could've said despite what conan thinks. Oh come on. I have great respect for erik. Estrada i just think the writers were doing a lot of coke. I think they were trapped. They were trapped all the crimes to be committed on moving vehicles going sixty five miles an hour. Can they were fun. They had in that writer's room pitching show ideas like this guy steals waterbed. Does it on the one. oh one. he's steals one thirty four but then he takes him to the one to one the only way we can catch him as if only we had police. He's environmentalist steals the water beds and then he empties them in the river. Let's fucking reboot the series. Do it the way you want. I wanted to be a this time. We do it right. The seventy six. What are you say one. More time one time and this time this time we do it right. We do it for panch. We do even know. We're talking about some of these shows chips chips too hard on ships i might be. I don't i don't remember but a lot of crimes on a unlike wheels was borders. That would paint the forged art in a moving truck. Yeah you know what got to me. It got me. I probably overreacted. But i just the you're acting like they press. They won awards. They didn't okay. These guys they got health. Insurance people enjoyed what happened. I mean you got to look at it for what it is. You're right you can't get mad that pop music isn't free. Zappa miles davis whatever. The hell you're into you gotta you gotta go pretty much nailed it there but god you know at the tasty spoon. Only music listen was zappa. After we were constructed the masterpiece that was f.

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