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Fifty there were at I read a bunch of these tax year we're getting so many which is a great thing we're asking you to shout outs show some love for the the fire German and women in your life get out there in save our homes are properties save our lives so just to rattle off some names here and read this text verbatim himself Donna my cousin's husband is in LA fireman Nick Sansone Long Beach fire department my neighbor Mike he works at a station in three does best neighbor Kenneth Kelly with Rancho Cucamonga fire department my nephew is Ivan Martinez cal fire crew Fresno kings love him and so proud brother in law Jim Miller San Gabriel firefighter my friend's dad Josiah Davis is a fireman such first responder cannot to my sister in law's husband Joe Wilkinson his captain of the LA fire department and a shout out to Meghan Carlin but San Bernadino county fire department getting more so keeping good three one of four three yeah it's important to shout out to these men and women that protect us in our time of need and here especially in southern California California general but we know the dangers of wildfires more than anybody else in the country I mean we face a step every year and it's become more and more difficult and it's just really bad right now hi genet good morning how are you I'm good how are you doing great lists Sears shout out to what he got is giving a shout out to my husband lost her Gonzalez and our fire family with Santa Monica apartment out an engine last night they do it okay so they're deployed scene yes they are you see out there as well he is not he's not coming at the station so within to cover for other people that are going yeah I mean that's the thing you forget to you can't send everybody because then there's areas focused can't have yeah sure they have enough yeah people for the city yeah how are you this is what you get nervous when he's on the job when he's out there fighting wildfires luckily we he's always had that we've been fortunate to work yet I have to go okay it like the other building fires and stuff yes yes yes I wrestle fires everything every little what yeah that's gonna be tough yeah when they're gone for days at a time deployments will mention that in the year before because we're such a fans of the band with the server country that being deployed for any period of time with your family if you don't have that in your life I don't I'm just jockey gives DJ jazzy Jeff right what we do Floyd you know so when you have your family for extended periods of time people forget the toll that takes on the person leaving but a lot of toll falls back in you the family yes.

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