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Hurricane is the owner here hugh this was a long time coming ninetyone years does it feel like you're seeing a little bit of history here this morning listen this is a big day for publicans in ireland and the irish pub has become iconic worldwide and listen to five hundred thousand people arrive into dublin city centre every friday tomorrow and and it's great for us to be able to provide a service where they can have a pint have a bite teas and socialize for the weekend and especially today so does the pub treat here in dublin as you say a very famous trade very important trait for the city particularly in terms of its tourist offering does the industry stunned to make a good amount of money today well we don't because it's the first day of being open but i think at the same time though like you have that amount of people in the city so we're giving them the option if to wanted to visit the irish pub will there's a regular business no ninety percent of the business would be off today because it is known as a holiday here in new good friday so like our friday trade and business was yesterday you know so i think it will be the all the two novelty of course he'd be the first year then as well joan character also with me from the website public dot org or you're going to be marking the occasion john well the evening we sell funding chuck bennett are going to be leading a pub crawler around dublin the first ever good friday pub crawl where we bring people to to four pubs around the city to the on the north side of the city to on the senate side we're going to be reading the rand kind of like a crow half by walking to her half pub crawl where we kind of elaborate on the history of the dublin poll and specifically how it's changed over the ninety one years at the good friday prohibitions been in and kind of talk about some of the ways people used to get around the prohibition both mostly legal as because the word there were some ways to get around.

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