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This is one of my new favorite people, I met her. I think I her for the first time the first Redwood, but she has been on the car scene hard for the last couple of years. She's, she's freelanced for all the, the major magazines, from automobile to road and track as she's written for Jellab Nick. She is. Now the automotive video correspondent for Kelley blue book, and she is a RAD chick. I'm happy to have her in studio Lynn Woodward on the smoke entire podcast. I already I don't know about you. But I wake up with the sun now old now. So Mr. host, like fucking son, and my wife hates it. So. But like it was accentuate getting up like four AM for like a week. They got a lot done. Yeah. I fucking banged out all almost six thousand words this week dude almost ninety percent of it before nine AM That's AGA. crazy. What up, it's the smoking dire podcast on a Tuesday with our great apologies to are normally loyal live audience fucking YouTube is fucked today. So we can't do it live. And we apologize for that. But we hear with Lynn Woodward in studio. Zach plumper shot give the woman, some respect that. She is Highland. Hi, welcome. Thank you, are you. I'm great. It's nice to have you here. Thank you. It's awesome to be here. Thanks for inviting yourself. I myself I know it is it's been too long. I'm super happy. Yeah. You've been fucking around for a long time. I have been your proper automotive journalist, I guess, like, say that, watch did you wear to see me? I love this watch this. It's a time ex so it's not super fancy looks the business. But, you know, I, I saw this watch at deus ex Makia and I was like how you pronounce it. Whatever deuce day s use who takes Latin anymore. Did you? I had to for like six months, but it's an England who and they kind of made you ever but I saw this wash there, and I was like, oh, I kind of like that. And then I just couldn't get out of my head. So I bought it will watch because it was day is seven times, the price. But, but what I bought it from time MAC, I didn't go, so you went and shopped in person, and the next right to Amazon. That's was proper Timex price. Yeah. No, that's, that's a that watch is a very reasonably priced and cool. Looking watch that I actually recommend to a lot of people. It looks basically like a Rolex mariner from more than a few feet away, which is the point steak xactly the point like the definition of champagne taste, but beer budget. No, that's like. With the NATO strap and shit. Highlife. I'll take Timex.

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