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To forty say a gunman who barricaded himself inside of Philadelphia home shooting and wounding six officers he is in police custody six officers shot all have been released from hospitals the incident continues to fuel agitation with many who feel the U. S. Senate should pass gun legislation congresswoman Val Deming's of Florida who is the former police chief of Orlando said Congress needs to act starting with the Senate and a bill on universal background checks for gun purchases why is the Senate refusing to move legislation that we passed in the house months ago Deming says everyone in this gun violence debate must consider this if a person is bad enough to shoot have a shoot out with the police officer or an entire department of police officers and think about they certainly would not hesitate to have a shootout or shoot or take the life of our family members Linda Kenyan Washington The Washington Post reports autopsy findings in the apparent suicide of Jeffrey abstain found he had broken bones in his neck a woman who says she was raped as you young teen by F. Steen is suing his estate Jennifer rose who claims that Jeffrey have Steen raped her when she was as young as fourteen filed a lawsuit here in New York on Wednesday against people who worked for apps dean Jeffrey at the network of enabler stole from me they robbed me of my you play Danity my innocence my self worth the suit was filed against if dean's long time companion socialite Glane Maxwell who has been described in court documents is that steams madam arose also named three other people in the lawsuit who she says made arrangements for her another teenage girls to meet with that speed on a regular basis Steve casting down New York the Dow sank eight hundred points Wednesday.

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