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What is up successful drop outs get stoked because dan the show we have brody kern brody is a public speaker and serial entrepreneur he currently owns and operates number of businesses including commercial real estate brokerage telecom marketing agency and a high risk payment processing company brody currently travels the country with his wife hannah speaking and attending a number of vents on the topics of addiction personal development fear motivation and of course entrepeneurship broda uses his past experiences with his battle against drugs and alcohol to inspire and empower others to overcome their affliction so brody man it's a pleasure to have you on the show i'm glad we could make it happen here why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself in what you do in let's just launch into here absolutely i've been looking forward to it i really appreciate you having me on you know two to three hour i kind of have to turn the dial back a little bit and it is a it's it's a really interesting time to talk about and i think it's an interesting situation because so i grew up in the mid west right berry you know it's a it's a quiet area very low ambition you know everybody seems to be an insurance agent or a realtor right that's what everyone seems to be and you know i was i was never really conditioned to think that i could achieve a high level you know it was just everyone everyone around me you know operated themselves in sense that it was okay to get by.

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