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And then quaker oats partnered uh with chicago's northwestern university and linda van horn in 1980 six uh because they had a similar study about out bran cutting cholesterol right so they're starting to say will kellogg didn't get in trouble is try the sir selves and they went out in there they hired wilfried grimly remember his aheads yeah i uh i think it told the story belt working with them oh yeah was any like the antithesis of what now his his persona west yet the word got around there were like this you know just it may be a short day because that's how it goes with them sometimes it's fun and i think it was a thick we wrapped it about half day 'cause he was dislike i'm done i'm cantankerous but in the meantime when the cameras are rolling he he told everybody that eating quicker o'brien was the right thing to do and it would cut your cholesterol that's right and then this book came out said things are starting to build here for opri in this book came up called the eight week cholesterol cure by guiding robert eko wall ski and it chronicled his the decline of his ldl the bag cholesterol um just for meeting in opri and diet and that book became extraordinarily popular there supposedly was the these one of the the greatest selling a selfhelp health books of all time it just took off yet and then yet another thing happen this is the thing this is like where the peak began the um i think the journal the american medical association april nineteen eighty eight published a study from the university of maryland where these researchers found that yet eating oat bran could really significantly lower your cholesterol and not only that it does it for a six of the price of the um expensive cholesterollowering drugs that's right and people eight even more about brennan strike the trend is developing casey i think it's fully developed this point.

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