Mccartney, Egypt Station, President Trump discussed on 24 Hour News


From the new release egypt station the title comes from the name of one of mccartney's paintings egypt station will be his first full album of two thousand thirteen that new and his first studio released on capitol records since two thousand five chaos and creation in the backyard sir paul who's seventy five says he thinks of the album as a dream location that the music emanates from it comes out september seventh the other single already available is titled i don't know democrats and republicans appear to agree on at least one issue a piece by kevin reports a poll shows neither party thinks president should pardon themselves who says there's nothing but political division in washington a new poll from the associated press center for public affairs research shows eighty five percent of those responding think it would be wrong for presidents to pardon themselves if they're charged with a crime and seventy six percent think congress should take steps to remove a president if he or she does so the pull this not specifically named president trump but several respondents including some trump supporters say their feelings would not change when applied to the current president i'm mike hampton a runaway kangaroo is being blamed for causing a car accident in montana two people were hurt after the driver swerved their vehicle to avoid hitting a kangaroo on the road trooper matt finley tells k w y btv that he thought it was a joke when he was responding to the call on highway two but then he saw the kangaroo the kangaroo likely came from kangaroo farm located nearby in northern montana the people in the vehicle suffered minor injuries after their vehicle rolled the trooper says he didn't even try to capture the kangaroo shitting shopping be as much fun as summer itself that's what macy's backstage is all about.

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