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Hey jim i last spoke to you and nokia quiet alcatel lucent and as a former hale shareholder i thought we got through a change then and now and wondering if business more of the same when you listen to their press releases you would think nokia will be the next microsoft for cisco supposedly a leader in the forthcoming 5 g networks and other technologies but just like a l promising new products when do they bring the revenue in little to rely on his blog competition the competition that area is so so stiff in so good it nokia has the com has been it's a shame but it's true let's go to robert and georgia please robert us jim blue collar longtime viewer excellent uh my question is kroger had been a long time colder the stock it's been a great stocks four meets of course last year the guerrilla came in the room it dropped down nineteen sixty nine value van currently it's going to alibaba one week this week it's casey uh don't know where it's going in that don't know exactly where we're going with this and that's my question got slant once you points last year bad quartering then hold five bought by amazon stock has all low twenty percent comes back why because people forget about amazon business pretty good but it is prices i'm kind of on it at 25 26 i want to be in thirty to thirty one itself it's a no man's land robert noman'sland let's go to sanian taxes police say hello and boulia cam how are you i'm good city how are you most fired i am i'm doing great jim in april two thousand six hang you did a company spotlight on new worker made and that subsequently thoughts and let the stop.

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