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Beautiful man, hunting wickedness now where view I was after the result and Old Trafford Robin nothing through yet about him being fired. No now. So this story was untrue. And yet it was widely reported. Is there anything in it, rob Bill? I mean, this is a respected journalist of this newspaper. That's been around Manchester for a long period of time. This guy change what might have happened. Well, I said this morning on the show. I think strengthened marinas especially I don't think much. You could do. I mean, come out and said that he's falsity wouldn't be sucked. I almost got the Phoenix. They couldn't do this this weekend. Whether they wouldn't lost or drew in slightly strengthened these hunt. Listen, the big question is will Josie Marino CC's now. I think that's where we're at rolled. And at the moment, you seems like it's almost a week by week assessment and David McDonald's. He's somebody. I know very spectra. Jim's been around the Malabo good source wouldn't write that thing unless you had FOX somebody at mantras, you know, something's changed the senior position as told him that this was going to happen. And then in the interim in the twelve hours also between the story breaking as you say, let's just address what he's saying that Josiah man hunting wickedness now. My thought is. Now, of course, we don't want to see wickedness, and this kind of this this vitriol and a nasty reporting or or of Georgia Armenia. But what does he expect this is Manchester United? He's been the this is third season. He spent half a billion dollars languishing midtable. I mean, that's what football is like in any league around the around the world. There's going to be pressure criticism from all all of sides of this from ex players from pundits from from wherever it comes from. Do. You think he's been unfairly treated rob y'all in some of the criticism over recent weeks? No an state. I would say, no, rob, listen, I got we are in a position almost every week did a scapegoat for jobs and marina. Popa shore. Sanchez every by. It's like every week. We heaving about one player. No. Yeah. He's been with maybe wickedness is coming back to him. Because of the way he is in. You know, what hit me today? Robert is he was walking down the tunnel what Assad miserable face. He's got. Is manager. And the want to go back to where the the time when he kind of introduced himself to will football is a young bride pool. To- money. You're running down the line and his team beat Manchester. United good times. Good times. And now what I think we're seeing is Josie million bad times. He's. Emotional guy Rubio. So we shouldn't be surprised. So what do you call this big victories? He went crazy knee slides emotional guy guide Welby whose emotions the other side of it. Now, she's got hammered and criticize it he's now turned into a monster. Johnston is reacting to it in that way. And I'm not sure what weather sends up, but I'll tell you what let's talk about it. It ends badly and ends in tears. So you're saying even after this. The little bit of feel-good. It's not. Non-recoverable for me looks like that they start winning regularly repair. Stop threatening maybe a top because the top four. Happy and entertaining. I'm winning football. That's what recovery looks like. Let me tell you why this guy. Collins not have conflict today. They came back. Great forms. You talked about March, and you talked about one or two of this. And then he had to say if the the the the atmosphere affected a coupla plays markets Russia and Scott McDonnell does have to tell us. It can be on a positive that we came back, and blah, blah, blah. But he wants to make it. Not him and the young guys you put you remember the young guys they will affected by the atmosphere. I can take I'm a fifty year old man. But when you keep on having a little dig at those plays each each away, sometimes the future, rob. Oh now, you've said the he won't last Christmas. And I've been you know, walk. He might just keeps limping along. Okay. Now, we look at the next few fixture. Absolutely. Chelsea iowa. You've anticipate home Everton a home boomer you Hawaii man city away on November the eleventh down. So you your same of what you've seen so far that he is going to disappoint in these fixtures is going to go, correct? That's when I think is the key Tom if he comes up. It is probably going to see the season now because that will mean you'll be Champions League not going to get William Kazan skating towards the top four maybe six in the league Inc. Dan gonna start Jasim marina because as you say, you can maybe start to see shoots of recovery. But if that goes wrong rub gone. See my gut feeling is that it keeps going. Do you think the street fighting? On the floor is I think those results won't be great. I think that we know. Now the team is struggling put I still I my gut is that he's gonna find a way to keep going here. I just I just do. I mean, that's difficult matches. I mean Chelsea away and this this was the autumn it rollercoaster ride one week. He he's he's up in the next week is down again. I mean, West Palm gown open down. And you put a tweet out today. Didn't you said house jersey marinas say this job with the light combat win against Newcastle? United game. He loves the tweets coming in the best ones being John cale, whom she said boy himself some time, but eventually to United Eddie how to Spurs ingestion. Jim Jones said he gets cutting for the second of combat but asked to take the blame for the first off travesty Jason gotten. Fortunately, this is terminal. It's only a matter of time. However, I'll clean house if they dissent implies even if you don't approve of the money you play for the New Jersey today. They did not do that in the first two off disgraceful mirror. Couple more. Tommy goodwin. Leases to say, no, he should still lose his job. But so should others in United leadership, the problem isn't managerial anymore. It's cultural and John Tapeh simply says nice job in a team and their zone. Hashtag glory. So I'll tell you what most of the of the social media responsive. Add Rubio has been in this. Yeah. It was it was kind of a great comeback and four marks for spirit and not desperation play which season playing at their best. But then not being fooled by this. And they'll they see this is unsustainable. And ultimately that he's not going to last very shots at halftime novas as a player will Josie can offer them. People look stunned by what they saw in the first forty five minutes. Not that doesn't go away. Yes, you win. And then you get the points in and you say talking about teams under the table on Liverpool city, Light's, Spurs tweaks talk about culture and everything else. Wrong. It's not wicked now indicative. Man, hunting other clubs because they've got everything in order. The clubs are run. Very well, typically months sitting Liverpool right now the two teams that look. West could Josie Marino. I'm not saying he will could he changed his ways. And I'm being people on all the to fall down.

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