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Federally insured by the NCUA and six point six million in carryover funds councilmember Gary brother filled says the money should go to higher priorities what councilmember Gerry bred a felled made it clear yes he's got a lot on his mind what the council the mayor will do is declare they've spent taxpayer money wisely and they need more money for parks and a public safety tax now it is not true they have spent money wisely he's proposing taking over the flood control district carrying out that departments duties but still transitioning some of its areas to parks councilmember Miguel areas told fox twenty six news in a statement it's not that easy he said at the council members proposal is an old idea that requires the city to secure hundreds of millions of dollars to build and maintain those basins into parks and potentially eminent domain an outside agency now it's fox twenty six news reporter Marie at injure another cost over run for the high speed rail candies debate here with the latest the California high speed rail authority bumping its overall cost estimate for completing the rail line between San Francisco and LA to more than eighty billion dollars the agency blaming inflationary increases and better cost projections were one point three billion dollar boost the product was at the years of embarrassing cost overruns and delays but managers insisted they are on pace to meet a preliminary twenty twenty two federal deadline ruling track here in the valley that'll virtually use up all the money the product now has available however the authority's latest business plan comes amid unrelenting pressure from state lawmakers are to be dear K. M. J. news the house has approved a measure removing in nineteen eighty two deadline for states to ratify the equal rights amendment let the canyon with the latest from Capitol Hill the measure re opens the process to add the ERA to the constitution house speaker Nancy Pelosi said it's long overdue for an amendment that would prohibit discrimination based on sex our theory has been when women succeed America succeeds house minority leader Ken and McCarthy did not support the bill if you want to move the equal rights amendment you have to start over because the time has run out it's constitutionally doesn't hold so they have to begin again the house approved the resolution two hundred thirty two to one eighty three sending it to the Senate where it is expected to face opposition Linda Kenya on Capitol Hill U. S. households now hold more than fourteen trillion in debt according to the New York federal reserve Jeff mackay has more total household debt rose by one hundred ninety three billion in twenty nineteen a rate much higher than the pre recession peak of two thousand eight what's driving this personal debt low interest rates are making mortgages cheap and with the unemployment rate historically low we're spending more one reason credit card debt for the average American household now over sixty eight hundred dollars fed chair Jerome Powell said Wednesday he's bullish on the economy he says threats from the corona virus income inequality and the expanding federal debt which now tops twenty three trillion dollars our concerns Jeff mackay Washington over to Wall Street the Dow is down thirty seven points at twenty nine five thirteen eleven oh.

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