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All because he would literally be under like hiding under the covers like a child evening the owning about what a fucking kripo looking at her body and should be like what is going on he was like oh you were sleeping in west her on the line wake you some just reading with a flashlight i'm going to kill him anyway so bunny was charged with aggravated kidnapping and attempted criminals saw in the durant case but he was freed on fifteen thousand dollar bail by his parents of even all lot 15000 i know crazy and the only pay ten percent so it 1500 yeah literally yikes seattle police had insufficient evidence to charge him in the murders but kept him under close surveillance on march 1st 1970s six he was found guilty of kidnapping and assault on june 30th he was sentenced to serve a minimum of one to a maximum of fifteen years in the utah state prison by in october he was found hiding in the bushes of the prison yard carrying an escape kit that included roadmaps airline schedules and a social security card by crime so after that he spent several weeks in solitary confinement in later that month colorado authorities charged him with karen campbell's murder on june 7th of 19th seven seven he was in court and he was serving as his own defense so he didn't have to wear handcuffs like he wasn't bound by thing i'm entering a recess he asked if he could visit the courthouse law library to research his case so he was in the library who is concealed behind a bookcase he opened a window jump from the secondstorey sprained his right ankle z landed but he shouted an outer layer of his clothes walked through the aspen roadblocks that were being set up and just hiked up into a mountain.

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