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Cole Hamels right out of the box he goes up to Bryce yes and says look harp I didn't feel cold hits you from Cole Hamels Bryce Harper in the back he beat him on purpose right when he came in today I mean I can't be a Charlie manual impression I can't do impressions the guy would all come on our you know I've been telling the pretty good six PM to ten PM sports radio ninety four for twenty twenties for first morning work out for the eagles a training camp today players will take the field roughly nine fifteen yesterday the rarely spoken Darren Sproles addressed reporters way back along with us or what that's it that's that's what I think of that we got a chance to get it keep working we got a chance all five starting offensive linemen including Brandon Brooks are present in the mills placed on the populace tonight the Phillies kick off a massive three game set against the Braves in south Philly trade the at deadline quickly approaching on Wednesday the Phillies have not beaten eighteen above five hundred in a series since late may and the Sixers have found a backup point guard signing Trey Burke to a one year deal CBS three I with this weather mostly sunny today headed up to eighty seven degrees just three ninety four W. I. P. get our podcast and all the latest stories in Philadelphia sports for the all new ninety four W. I. P. dot com twenty four X. four W. Y. seven twenty five putting the amazing Borgata hotel to see responded lead tech city John you rest stop at eight o'clock at what you do with pac markets Hey markets yeah because mark is a is a road called stated that he is very much impressed with the band's new shot good Simmons thanks it could make them an insurmountable force in the NBA and I want you dead mock him in some way and then have a fight with one and by the way I'll I have become obnoxious and annoying when it comes to my prostate yes you are Lisa Graham find PR person here portata came up I handed her back my Joe.

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