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I would say a I'll just you know bring that up myself. What superstitions, Steve Okay. Okay tell down we look after the kid. Live with. Your take on it, and then you gave me Tyler Mas, take on it and that may be in the Steve Worn project people might want to know what Steve One superstitions anyways I fight. It's been a while. No it's not a fight hurry. Did you see that fight by the way? Those two ESPN guys in Houston last week? The absolute best is the best Yeah. I just. I thought it was it was so real I hope the aired that thing did they did they cut him off I think it was live I. Think it's Standard Radio, right? So as live and then finally the producer cut it off when they started, you know dropping some long-deserved. Yeah exactly and that's not good. All right. Let's play it here hero and you. Might. Take second second. The second to that story. That's a great story. Let's let's hear ESPN Houston I'm I'm not sure the radio station I apologize for that but. Two guys who just don't like each other. We're going to trade. Him might be in the market where you might be able to get something not just. Hey, let me throw this against the wall. See what sticks Inca I mean you make fun of other people for doing that. Really. And and all right. Know you have an attempt to. Hear Man. All. Right now to pay attention, it's cool. It we'll just we'll just do it like you're not here. So you do whatever it is that you WanNa do you just let him start doing this show shuttle crying and do the show you're live on air come back old wounds to live on air shut up and do the show really yes. Shut up and do the show you're live on and you're crying. You know you don't tell me to leave if you want me to leave, I'll leave but just quit crying..

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