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Haley and i kinda drank a lot and we had fun it was cool we just kept we got we went up this elaborate as and we were like big fan but i had no fear going up to them because i was hammered now i was we should keep this then okay yeah and went through it's up to you we should edited okay you want me to stop dona no knows he going aca but that's it that's great okay what is your understanding of love in hollywood because you are right now about two i guess can i say mary and the actor yes and you're an actor yourself what is your understanding of love within the industry of hollywood well i think that it is about supporting and not preparing each other with where you guys are adding in careers and just letting each other like have their own just just have your own life and live your life to the fullest and support each other in love each other without possession it's a beautiful fading now i wish i could have all this on video brett's hands were gone everywhere his arms were up in the air and it was great like a wacky way inflatable in planning to men said that three times fast microwave incredible influence who if i could be been playing through may we so one of the core things about this podcast will end it with this as you have any crazy conspiracy theories or or stuff that that has had that has happened within hollywood that um who that what he'll pay wait wait i know you have a lot of conspiracy theories maybe not the best question but what he what do you think what do you think is the craziest weirdest.

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