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Darius ratty ten ten wins. Come on this seventy seven police Commissioner Neil says there will be lots of security so people should come out and enjoy the parade. So looking at tomorrow, there are no credible threats are specific threats against the parade or against the city. Is going to be so many police officer somebody members from law enforcement out there tomorrow, it's going to be real safety. Lots of people are on the move right now, it is one of the busiest travel days of the year. These kids went over the river, but not through the woods coming from Philly. And we're going to Long Island. Travel experts say more people are on the road compared to a year ago and more people are flying today compared to last year Sunday is likely to be even busier wins. News time channel five four family members whose bodies were found at a burn down mansion in colts, neck New Jersey were killed before the place was torched that according to investigators Monmouth county prosecutor Christopher Grammy. Cioni now says Keith Caneiro and his family who lived in the colts neck house that burned down were murder victims all four of them were the victim of homicidal violence prior to win the fire was set the prosecutor confirms that Konare was shot several times, but he would not confirm a report that other family members were stabbed as for canals, brother and business partner. Paul. He is now charged with setting a fire to his own house in ocean township the prosecutor will not say Paul Canario is a suspect in the murder of his brother's family. But when I asked the prosecutor is. The public should worry about a quadruple killer being on the loose. He said, no if that was the case, then you'd hear it from all of us here Roger stern ten ten wins in Monmouth county, the body of a man was found inside of a house that was on fire in center island. Investigators have not labeled the fire as suspicious, but they still have a lot of unanswered questions. They say the fire was intense. And they say the source of the fire was in the center of the home supposed to say the kitchen Nassau County homicide. Detectives are among those investigating. President Trump criticized a judge who ruled against his administration on immigration and called him. And Obama judge that prompted a rare pushback from chief Justice John Roberts. Mr. Trump, then responded to that. It was not likely to go on the answered chief Justice John Roberts. Very public rebuke of President Trump lamenting that Obama judges were getting in the way of his border security orders. President Trump tweets back. Sorry, chief Justice John Roberts. But you do indeed have bomb judges, and they have a much different point of view of the people who are charged with the safety of our country, the president's tweets conclude with these rulings are making our country, unsafe Roberts issued a statement to the Associated Press to make sure it was widely distributed a highly unusual move. Bob Costantini, Washington. Defense Secretary James Mattis says the White House has given him the authority to use US troops to protect customs and border control personnel at the southern border. You're not doing law enforcement. We do not ever to thirty. Now, the governor's could give their crew rest authority. I don't think they've done that. There are fifty seven hundred active duty troops along the border on top of that. There are about twenty one hundred national guard troops the Federal Aviation Administration has ordered the port authority to recalculate Newark airport use fees. This after United Airlines filed a complaint that airport fees for being used to phenomenon airport projects, including the Polaski skyway. If you're thinking about you're getting a Christmas tree and you're a little bit picky. You may not want to wait too long, and you may have to pay a little more this year as well. The supply of live trees is tighter and industry officials say there's no need for panic buying but expect to pay a little more. The tight market is rooted in the great recession when lots of growers were forced out of the business, but the national Christmas tree association wants to reassure shoppers. They will find what they want at a steeper price than last year's average of about seventy five dollars all told the association says twenty seven million live trees will go home this year about the same amount as the past two years. I'm Jan Johnson. Thirty two degrees. Fair skies in midtown humidity. Forty five percent. The actual temperature is thirty two the AccuWeather real feel is twenty two. We're going to drop down to about twenty degrees in midtown overnight. Look for the low of being in the low teens north and west with. Accuweather real feels overnight near zero wins. News time channel nine. It's the ultimate black Friday.

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