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It looked it literally sounded like a plane crash. It just I look feel when he blooded looking the Chris. You're trying to be quiet. Then they get up. Why didn't you slice online online? Oh boy it to move at that time we as the board the years go by. It's kind of like when you the guy down one in Kenya here now. We're going to be quite so you're trying to ask word down the line. So we've got old man with hundreds of thousands round next to their till years ago in Jason Kidd. We had so I saw there were two -til that's went by at tea. Alabama Bam Bam has. He's only other. How many is the payment plan? Nobody's saying they said how many in nobody say how many. Ah We all fell out laughing because he was mad because we were ignored he thought we were. We were trying to be quiet. Yeah well so I guess this is what we call this the medical episode. Well we needed introduced the idea. I mean you're not gonna be able to go through the book John and handle all the miracles without understanding the reason is or and in our own lives we look look up. I mean look every other day Yep some kind of medical condition by somebody. Yeah I think the lesson that we should learn from our little conversation this morning morning. You got the Apostle Paul. He said I have this thorn in my flesh. I've asked the Lord to remove it. I mean Jesus struck him down personally personally gave him a job. You're going to reach the Jews. I in the gentiles turn them from Satan to faith in me and and and he knew he was as close as you can get to God and he said I storm of flesh. It's it was some kind of ailment the Lord said now He said I e I'll just leave their racist official so my take on that. Is this if you believe. There's a resurrection Rexona of the day. If you really believe that whether it be cataracts only is in my case my Alma Tibetan prostate they let a kidney stone prostate and in my eyes. That's it everything else rock on so I'm thinking I'm very fortunate we weren't that big a deal. I take it all whether they said well. You got incurable cancer. I would say bless the Lord because of the resurrection goes well. Go come down to that. You'RE NOT GONNA kill Ya. And he may not but either way. There's a a bigger pitchers what I was trying what we experience in in Jesus what he did on a cross and his resurrection trumps. Everything it does and we find on our weakness sometimes and we were really low. That is got where God's power flourishes when you see somebody that has ever reason mighty acts and people that they I say this this Like the little kid for years back His last wish was to see me. We went around. I'll take him right on track to and the little kid is still with us and they said he incurable. He's gone well. He's still running around on planet. Earth and I I look at edges are had that make you feel I said well. It didn't trump the resurrection. Jesus because the little kid hopefully he'll ever ripe old age you say but he's still going to have to have have God may just call you up like he did a logic. I mean you might just be. I've kind of in the back of my mind. I'd like to go that way. A world walking in the woods Squirrel Squirrel Hunt. Yeah and just where my head. Yeah come on up Allen he has done so well so anyway. Good episode I WanNa thank all the listeners and watch our podcast is growing which means your talent people about it and we thank you for that Keep your questions coming in reminded. Two things one is if you I wanNA follow data around and see what his life is like. Outside of the PODCASTS Blaze TV has a show called in the woods fails so check that out Also Jason Jason and some other guys at Church because dad does a church plant. We're preaching through the book. John Debbie if our church DOT org. So you're not plugged into any place on Sunday on livestream mm-hmm and check out what we're doing. Jason do the worst as well. So check that out so just to cover resources for you and we'll see next time on unashamed. We are so glad you're watching and listening to the unashamed. PODCAST be sure to like us on facebook. Subscribe on Youtube and I tunes. That's GONNA keep you up to date with all the new episodes also let other people find out about our podcast key spreading the word and watching and listening to unashamed with Phil Robertson.

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