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Ryan Harris with Y. A local public health expert says We should be prepared for Kobe variants. 3 31 100 Million Covert 19 vaccines billions in federal funding to make it happen and uniting a divided nation. They are at the top of President elect Joe Biden's to do list, he says. That includes more vaccination sites in all communities, including those hardest heads to make sure It's done equitably. Going to make sure their vaccination centers in communities his hardest by the pandemic. Mr Biden says he'll use the Defense production act to speed up the rollout. Governors and state health officials say they're ready to ramp up vaccinations as long as they get enough doses. Minnesota governor Tim Walz and Colorado's Jared Policy. They were told this week that the federal vaccine reserved the White House has been touting doesn't exist. The N R A has filed for bankruptcy. It's a move. That's what's expected to avoid a criminal prosecution in New York state. Again. A very moving to Texas to reincorporate the Pentagon now says up to 25,000 National Guard troops will be in Washington, D. C heading into next week's inauguration. Daria Aldinger, ABC News Co. Moh news 1000 FM, 97 7, and we Continue Now, with our top stories from the coma 24 7 news center time Rick Fan sites with ELISA Jaffe. There is no stockpile. Washington and other states were preparing to receive a surge of covert vaccines after the Trump administration. Promise to stop holding back second dose is now come with Charlie Harper tells us there weren't any doses that were being held back. The Washington Post reports. The Trump Administration has already been shipping out all the vaccines that are available. This is despite that health and human services secretary saying earlier this week that operation Warp speed would release the vaccines being held in reserve for second shots. There is no extra vaccine on the way the Washington State Health Department was blindsided in a tweet. They say they understand why people may feel the situation is confusing and frustrating. We've reached out to health and human services for comment. Charlie Harder come. O'Neill's local health officials are sounding the alarm about the Corona virus variants and one public health expert tells comas, Ryan Harris. We need to be ready for their potential effects. Viruses mutate. That's the nature of the beast. And that could mean they become more transmissible like the UK variant, But you w medicines. Dr Ali Mokdad says they could also render vaccines less effective. Oh, God says there are some things we need to do. Primary among them to keep our guard up is we work toward herd immunity, since the virus is less likely to mutate with fewer places to go, And, he says, We need to do more testing for the variance old companies that are rolling up the vaccine, especially wealthy countries that have the means to keep an eye on what's circulating because many countries in Africa and the Middle East would not have vaccinated the public and the body's system you taking over their Mokhtar also says vaccine makers need to be ready to tweak the vaccine. Match any resistant mutations, which he says can be done like it is with the flu shot each year. Ryan Harris come Oh news. Seattle Children's Hospital is looking into allegations of racism within its walls and has hired a former U. S. Attorney general to investigate Kama Sutra Merrill Passmore. The hospital hired former U. S. A. G. Eric holder to investigate racism allegations at Seattle Children's Odessa Brown Children's Clinic, the Puget Sound business general reports. The move comes three months after the clinics. Medical director Dr Ben Danielson abruptly resigned and sent a memo to staff alleging several instances of racism at the hospital. This after 21 years at the clinic for the investigation holder will work with the committee, which includes a member of the Seattle Indian Health Board and former governor Gary Locke. C Romero CAMO NEWS. The Washington State Democratic Party is filed a bar complaint against Lauren Cults. Campaign attorney complaint alleges that Stephen Pigeon repeatedly advanced meritless allegations of unspecified election fraud. Filed frivolous lawsuits and contributed to the spread of disinformation that led to threats against elected officials. Those allegations amount to a violation of his oath and legal ethics. According to the filing. The pigeon has worked with numerous right wing figures. In addition to Lauren cult Including activist Tim I'm in and Franklin County Commissioner Clint did here, Jeff Pooja, Look come on news. Pigeon has not responded to our request for comment. 3 34 traffic now from the Jew, been Law Group Traffic Center here. Seven. Smith. Seem to new accident in Seattle in all of wages north of high five and this is cousin minor North bound slowly and the area. Meanwhile, in Seattle's well under the express lanes heading north bound and just north of Lake City Way crashes in the Wrights lane there a minor bit of slowly, not much of a distraction for us right now. On Highway five or seven South found at escape. Rhoda JB 11 disabled vehicle still taking off of the Wrights lane on both directions of Highway three, and.

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