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I mean, let's be clear about this. John Walker Lindh made a lot of statements that were very, very conclusive about advocating violence advocating jihad hoping that there is a caliphate established, according to the prophecies, and he is in support of that. But again, that's not being terror. And I was actually just trying to find on my phone right now while while waiting examples of other people who have actually been convicted of terrorist attacks in the war on terrorism, who got a lot lighter sentences than heated and I can't find one right now but, you know, seventeen years is a very long time. And there are other people I was looking at Bowie bergdahl the, the, the US soldier who went when a wall, and others who, who have done things that were much more serious. You know, there's talk now about Trump pardoning some of these special operations guys who were taking sniper shots at innocent civilians. So it's a very, very complicated situation. It's, it's apples to oranges, but, but it is important to note as, as, as Dale said that, that he was a teenager. He was being shuffled from Yemen to Pakistan to, to Afghanistan, and you don't really know what kind of indoctrination there was these camps are very good at that. I've written a lot about them. You know the training camps. He also. Was, you know, probably a prisoner of some sort in, in that he felt that, that he had to espouse those kind of us as well. So what I would love to see also as Johnny Mike Spann had interviewed him or interrogated him before he was killed in. I you know, I'd love to hear what he what he got from that interview what would Lynn said et cetera. Well, then it Clifford we've got about a minute and a half left. And I just want to point out that the terms of Linz probation are pretty strict, right. He's won't be allowed to go online or owning a web capable device without permission from his probation officer of barred from travelling internationally or getting a passport other provisions require mental health counseling, and prohibitions from communicating with any known extremists or watching reading materials at re reflect extremists views. Those are the terms of his his release. But it doesn't also seem as if we have sort of a comprehensive plan on what to do or how to. Reintegrate people like Lind, do, we know, I wouldn't say we do, especially at the probation level in the things that are applied in Linz case, which, as you noted are very severe in terms of how these cases, go won't be applicable to the per estimates. About one hundred people convicted of terrorism related offenses who will be released before twenty twenty three it's important to keep in mind that not everybody will be John Walker Lindh and those types of very severe restrictions could potentially push them further into radicalization, especially if they're at a lower level of that stage. Wow. Well at Clifford research, fellow at the program on extremism, at the George Washington University. We have a link to his report titled radicalization in custody that Lincoln's at some point radio dot org. Ben at thank you so very much. Thank you for again, for having me on and Josh Meyer investigative reporter and author who covers national security issues has written for the LA times. NBC news. Politico amongst other with us today from Washington. Josh, it's great to have you back. Thank you so much, Mark leisure. I'm Meghna chucker. Bardy this is on point..

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