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Five more have been accused in getting paid for extra hours. They never worked among them. The ex wife of former commissioner Dennis White and a former union president, also, a Boston police officer, is placed In Boston Municipal Court. A nationwide sprint to the vaccine finish line threatens to turn into a crawl, and the president's goal is now in jeopardy. Last month, President Biden said, a target our goal by July, 4th is to have 70%. Of adult Americans at least one shot. But with less than four weeks to go until Independence Day, it appears that goal may fall short. The number of vaccinations nationwide is less than one million per day down 77% from the peak in April July, 4th is not the end of the CDC director, Dr Rachelle Wolinski noted. The shots are working the first time the seven day average of cases has been less than 15,000 since March. 27th 2020 Laura Podesta City Yes news, good news and bad for America's jobs. The nation's unemployment rate is down to 5.8%. But companies still cannot find enough workers and they're getting desperate. Many are getting creative in getting potential workers to sign on with incentives other than cash, ranging from free appetizers for restaurant workers to hotel stays and Even tuition payments, which are now being extended to family members, all some of the new perks being offered just to get workers back on the job. There are more than nine million jobs available in the United States right now, or at least in the latest report from the Labor Department, which says the April number is the highest. It's seen. In two decades for job openings and two million more job openings. Then, when the pandemic began at the French Open tennis tournament, a chance to go to the semifinals goes proof for American phenom cocoa Goff. Sure.

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