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You gotta keep coming back to that. It's a big part of his life. I don't let them live it down. Well, I do think I do think there'll be a developmentally for the NFL. If one of these new leagues doesn't happen to turn into that. I think eventually the NFL will develop their own developmentally actually gonna ask what when you look at it seems like certainly this year and in the past couple of years, there's been this huge push for for a number of different types of investors and entertainment properties to try to create an another professional football league in the US from a marketing standpoint, kind of where do you view those and their potential likelihood for success? Well, we know many people have tried and failed. But I think they all made some critical mistakes, and they tried to take on the NFL. You know, it's really funny. I was part of the US L being launched by Bill Hambrecht back seven eight years ago, and initially I still believe that to this day. I initially I think there is room for another professional football league. But not to go up against the NFL in the fall really to be to be developed as a feeder to the NFL and to be played in the spring and to be played in markets where the NFL isn't. And I think there's tremendous potential because we know that there's an incredible talent level out. There. There's thousands and thousands of really qualified college athletes coming out who could play ball at a very high level who for one reason or another just don't get the chance, and I can get into that in many different respects in terms of. If you look at the first round draft picks that people have failed on and then you look at the Tom Brady's draft sixth round. You know, a kid playing for the Washington Redskins quarterback these last few games who is actually on the roster. One of the new league's rosters in the spring. And he know he did pretty damn well, stay tuned for more of our conversation with sixteen w marketing partner Frank Bruno,.

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