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Is now nymex crudes up 7 tenths percent or 82 cents at a $119 69 cents a barrel Brent is up 7 tenths percent at a $120 53 cents And turning to Washington now Nathan President Biden's commerce chief Gina raimondo says the administration is not willing to lift all tariffs on imported steel and aluminum right now We've decided to keep some of those tariffs because we need to protect American workers and we need to protect our steel industry That's a matter of national security Commerce secretary Gina raimondo told CNN over the weekend that lifting tariffs on other household goods may make sense to help ease rising prices As the fed aims to ease price hikes here in Goldman Sachs says the U.S. economy remains on a narrow path to a soft landing Let's get more on that live from Bloomberg's we need a young good morning granita Good morning Nathan Goldman says improving inflation numbers and other factors suggest that the fed may be able to pull off its aggressive rake height rate hike plan without tipping the country into a recession Economists there say sequential core inflation appears to be slowing and supply chain pressures are improving Now Goldman says while the deterioration in indicators like the first quarter GDP suggests near term recession risk has increased other measures show output is still expanding Live in New York I'm ready to young Bloomberg daybreak Right we need to thank you at least a half a dozen central banks are expected to raise interest rates this week and the European Central Bank is expected to announce it and to bond purchases and formally begin the countdown to an increase in borrowing costs in July And staying in Europe Karen Boris Johnson will face a leadership vote in his ruling Conservative Party that could remove him from office And as the 5 things you need to know to start your day brought to you by interactive brokers futures higher S&P futures have 44 points Dow futures up 266 NASDAQ futures up a 182 straight ahead your top local headlines this is Bloomberg.

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