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Mark Robins two down two to go in the NFL divisional playoff round, Saturday in Los Angeles. The Rams were certainly tough been running over Dallas thirty twenty two LA TD runs from C J Anderson one from Todd Gurley both guys going over one hundred yards rushing and afterward. What about Jared Goff said that was a fun game to play in feels good? And it really just feels good to do with the people. We have two years ago or one year ago is whatever it was and to be able to do with this group to do with this these people, he's coaches and be able to win at home playoff linked. It's fun. It's exciting. And hopefully from more in the AFC Kansas City. Finally, enjoy the fruits of having a home playoff game winning for the first time in seven home playoff games. Thirty one thirteen over Indianapolis chiefs getting four touchdowns on the ground. But afterward chiefs running back Damien Williams was all about gushing over his quarterback. Patrick mahomes. Guy every day. One of those guys who just stressed out. He's not he's not worried about all the extra stuff outside. He's one of the guys every day with us. He don't he don't separate yourself. Wow. Somebody like that. You can connect with them. All right. So Sunday the AFC game charges at New England. One PM eastern winner goes to Kansas City next week in the NFC the eagles against the saints in New Orleans. The winner gets the Rams top twenty five college basketball number one Duke for the buzzer beater stunning thirteenth ranked Florida state eighty to eighty and Tallahassee. The divisional round of the playoffs the best weekend in professional football..

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