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I'm laughing about it because there's a typo here in. I got scared. I because it looks like when you eight young but when you are young you sneak out of the house to go to parties. Now i sneak out a parties to go to the house. Ain't that the truth badische and by the way no fine for you. You're on the show. The dogs wanna say hello there running past a lot of dogs in the house this weekend. We're dog sitting too so absolutely crazy. Seven dogs in the house this weekend. That's why i'm here talking to you. Guys other shows checkouts gopro. Shell with dave with his big brother. Rich great show. One of my favorite shows is the curtain call or know your enemy web be known in season again. I mean they're talking to people from different organizations whether it be a competitor or a school where you're gonna draft picks from tony. Oh he's on. Friday nights friday nights six pack with without it used to have brunch with tony on saturdays. Now you're having the six pack with tony so check. All those great shows we will be bringing more personalities in as well that's That's a process that were going to be figuring that all out in the next six weeks or so and we're probably going to have more bad it. I have four dogs. But we're were dog sitting this weekend. So that's the only reason there's a little bit more so i think i think we'll be fine but just don't send to my house. I'm going to go ahead dave's asking for my email address. I've been looking day. So i'm just gonna tell you here. It's be a davis eight. Nine at gmail dot com. So if anybody does want to get a hold of me. I i love hearing from all of our viewers slash listeners. It is it's so much fun to interact with. You and i get an opportunity to do that. So i try to answer all of them the best that i can so i'll put that up on the screen and if anybody wants to get a hold of me feel free to do so. So let's go ahead. And i'll pull that up on the screen here on youtube here. It's ba davis eight. Eight eight nine edgy. Email dot com. And i'll put up for facebook our facebook friends as well. I get a hold of me. I love hearing talking black and gold with all my friends. I've gotten some really good friends from people that i've never met before and people that talk to me all the time so love it. So let's talk about good. France never met touch. Schulkin never met in my life. I've been in the vicinity of them at different events but never had an opportunity to talk them. I regret that man. I would have loved to have had a conversation with touch because when you listen to the radio and from every account from when he was a freshman player at indiana state when he was a rookie for the pittsburgh steelers. This guy was accessible. And he's one of those guys that you think of as family from the beginning. He is a man of faith. He's a man of family. He's a man of his football family. The steelers you know. He played for another team. He actually played for the packers for a little bit in nineteen ninety three. But he's always been a steeler. You know it's michael. Jordan was a wizard. Johnny united's was a san diego charger. Brett farve we talked about him. He was a viking jet and then he came back to the packers and was he somewhere else. Toop besides the vikings on the jets. I think that was that. Tom brady is now a buccaneer. Putt when he always think about it. You're going to think about who they played for. We talked about that with with big al. He's always gonna be noticed. Steeler rod woodson. One super will bold baltimore. He's always going to be known there. Josh parker yet. He was drafted in the second. Round by the falcons brett farve. Yeah i what i was thinking about. An i knew that from the beginning. Because i remember watching the draft. Josh i man. I watched drafts like crazy. Snowman franco was a seahawk absolutely I was thinking more of the nfl career. But thanks for throw that in. Because i did leave that out there yet. Yeah can you imagine. Brett farve is a legendary atlanta falcon. How they would've loved Held onto him. Definitely sometimes you. Don't he have a remember. Drew brees was the san diego charger too. But i wanna talk about belkin. So when i got the news in october when i heard that the token had ls my heart sunk. Jeff hartmann talked about ls the other day. His best friend for ever passed away from l. s. and it is a devastating illness that the you don't come back from and it is has been said that it's the equivalent of being trapped inside your body as it goes is just unfathomable to me. I can't even fathom. I can't process it if i was trapped inside my body. The only the only thing that could think of is a night terror or you're having a dream and you know you've gotta wake up in your trying to fight your way out of it actually hurts your way out of it because you know you're asleep you're trying to wake up and you feel trapped. I'm almost thinking it would feel like that. I don't know for a fact. I just that would scare me more than anything. I've had family members that have had it We we all went through.

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