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It's easter weekend. And despite whatever traditions your family may have if they celebrate. I can almost guarantee that. They aren't as cool as what some folks get up to. In finland where easter is almost like a second halloween but more cottage core. A lot of the traditions are rooted in the changing of the season. Blending ancient traditions celebrating the arrival of spring with some more traditional religious rights. For example quoting finland's ministry for foreign affairs magazine. This is finland as easter approaches. Finished children plant grass seeds in shallow dishes of soil and place birch twigs invasive water and watch eagerly for green shoots and mouse earbuds to appear symbolizing the springtime reawakening of life and quotes pretty innocuous. But then there's this quoting again in the most popular family tradition young children especially girls dress up as easter witches donning colorful old clothes and painting freckles on their faces. The little witches then go from door to door bringing willow twigs decorated with colorful feathers and crepe paper as blessings to drive away evil spirits in return for treats says children's culture expert. Really care machi of the pepsi. Children's art center and venta. Just north of helsinki lake. Many finnish householders tamaki keeps a basket of small chocolate easter eggs. Ready by the door to pay off the marauding witches other families reward them with sweets or small change or keep their front doors resolutely closed and quotes and instead of saying trick or treat the little witches recite a traditional finnish rhyme which translated says roughly. I wave a twig for a fresh and healthy year ahead. A twig for you. A treat for me and quotes the origins of this tradition. Come from two different sources car. Machi says quote a russian orthodox ritual where birch twigs originally represented. The palm's lay down. When jesus entered jerusalem on sunday and swedish and western finnish tradition in which children made fun of earlier fears that evil witches could be about on easter saturday and quotes and to these dual origins. The custom is sometimes performed on palm. Sunday in some parts of the country while on easter sunday in others now as far as the religious side of things go i risk of a monkey of the evangelical lutheran church. Communication center says evening mass on monday. Thursday is one of the biggest church events of the year increasingly followed by passion plays performed on good friday. The one in helsinki senate square is usually attended by about fifteen thousand people and then on easter saturday. Many villages erect enormous bonfires toward away spirits. Or really just to have fun evening together but the origins are in warding off evil spirits. Decorating eggs is fun. And all but you know. I think a big town bonfire the night before easter. Sounds like an awesome tradition. Maybe it's time we adopt some of finland's easter customs on this side of the pond..

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