Schizophrenia discussed on The Andrew Klavan Show


In logic because even your thoughts and memories she believes even your loved ones could be manipulated by the mysterious they according to her beliefs she has seemingly become more intense with her desire to warn me she believes her implants in her body and probably in mine and almost everyone else's she doesn't want me to see the doctors have my kids vaccinated and even cautioned me about having my mom watch my kids alone she believes she may play a part in implanting these mind controlling devices please help i do not know what to do in the situation i don't blame the arc i am not a doctor i mean very important that i say this and i don't know this person's ongoing only off what is in your letters if if this were me and somebody were i loved we're telling me this i would be deeply concerned about this person's mental health i don't know how old your sister is if she is a younger person this is when diseases like schizophrenia and paranoid schizophrenia appear and they can cause you to have these belief systems that are impervious to logic because they take away all the things that logic is composed of induction like free thought all those things that make for a reasonable argument it outstrips those arguments and you can never argue with them if i were you have to say in this situation if it's as bad as it sounds here i would contact you know when i worked on a a suicide hotline essentially they had references you could go to one of them was called the national alliance on mental illness and.

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