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Together in working for you It's 6 18 Traffic and weather on the 8th and when it breaks Jack Taylor's in the traffic center And it will start things off in Virginia no big issues on the beltway between Alexandria and maclean 66 off to a good start without delay Gainesville east toward roslin Nice ride so far in 95 north out of Fredericksburg headed through woodbridge into Springfield north onto three 95 up to the 14th street bridge All right going into the district we'd had trouble on northwest Wisconsin avenue near M street had reports of a crash benning road in southeast closed between right up near H street unfortunately This is ongoing utility work from overnight No worries yet on I two 95 or D.C. two 95 headed across the 11th street bridge and the freeway looking good headed in and out of the third street tunnel should find you're traveling open All right now in Maryland we'd had some trouble on I 97 reportedly southbound benfield boulevard would have a broken down vehicle 95 and the BW Parkway moving well You're in good shape out of Frederick on two 70 south Trouble up in Frederick on liberty road 26 in the intersection of monocacy boulevard Apparently east panel on the right side of the roadway the crash came out of the intersection You still got authorities though headed to the scene We had had a closure potentially of three 55 north of one O 9 there was a vehicle that was overturned it ran into a pole and unfortunately you've got authorities on scene Again limiting lanes to follow their direction Three 55 north of one O 9 You're in good shape out of Frederick no worries yet on two 70 as you head south down toward the lane divide Two lanes go in east three lanes coming back west on the bay bridge but the bridge is underwent warnings this morning with no vehicle restrictions Traffic is brought to you by navy federal credit union proud to serve members of the armed forces DoD veterans and their families The members are the mission Learn more at navy federal dot org Jack Taylor TOP traffic Mike's dinner for it is a cold morning here It is called windshield down to four right now here in the district so bundle up is a head out skies duration partly to mostly cloudy today the gusty wind will be with us for most of the day.

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