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And opened fire It's not clear if it's targeted or random We simply don't know at this time You can see a picture of the gunmen at komo news dot com Kelley Blair northwest news radio Two people hospitalized following a crash involving a school bus and a tree trimming truck near silverdale this afternoon Deputies say the north kits have district bus rear ended the truck Seriously injuring the bus driver a worker near the truck was also heard were told three children aboard that bust at the time of the crash though none of them were injured Republicans are vowing to block a bill that would give criminals sentenced to life in prison a chance at release More from Jeff bajila The state Senate passed SP 50 36 last week It was sponsored by Democrat manka dinger who says it would allow those who have reformed themselves The possibility of being let out of prison The vote was along party lines and now it's up to the house where Republican leader JT Wilcox says I think it's a pretty good bet that we'll have 41 Republicans against that But if Democrats all support the measure there's not much Wilcox in the Republicans can do If it does become law even killers like Gary Ridgway would be able to apply for early release Jeff Poe to let northwest news radio still ahead I'm Ryan Harris with lawmakers on a problem we've all faced when on the road but is an extra challenge for truckers when they need to go Let's find out what kinds of problems are on the road right now Marina rocinha with our traffic on the force from the douban law group traffic center We have another collision now north out 405 in Kirkland at 85th Now the one we had earlier cleared this is a whole new collision involving different vehicles two right lanes are blocked now and it's solid traffic from 70 of the we had just been recovering from that other collision so that backup is starting to grow again Southbound 405 a coal creek Parkway in factoria there's a collision partially block in the off ramp in summit or the west valley highway southbound at jovita boulevard There's a collision reported and who can operate closed right now both directions for boat traffic Your next northwest traffic at 6 14 Jumping into the weather situation now we head over the coma for weather center and the 1530 mortgage dot com forecast from como forest Shannon O'Donnell Why everybody.

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