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Record high of new coronavirus cases reported in California as we talked about yesterday hi this is not just more testing the experts are telling us were beyond just more testing although it's part of the reason but there are simply more cases that are out there and a lot of it has to do with a lack of social this is saying that wearing masks it's cetera and the problem is when you have this number of new casting that comes out positive a couple of weeks later is when it shows up and hospitalizations and then a couple of weeks later after that is when it shows up two deaths it's not as if you test positive the next day you go in the hospital the next day you die if you're on a ventilator so we're looking to add a at least the possibility of a pretty substantial increase of hospitalizations and deaths right now the high number of deaths and the number of deaths are decreasing number of hospitalizations remain stable but it's only been the last few days that the numbers have exploded so they sat may very well be a precursor of some very serious stuff we're looking at and you'd be prepare for another shutdown if back well I'm saying it it's not because people simply won't take it but businesses will shut down there is I I'm convinced of that well I know you're already seeing yeah I mean what's happening now is instead of a of a statewide or countywide order what's happening is as businesses find positive tests amongst their employees they're shutting down yeah I think there were three in palm desert yesterday to in Orange County and exactly that they shut down they sanitize the place they make sure everybody every all the workers are you know the healthy ones can come back and then they re open yeah the numbers are very strange I literally half of it the state's reporting increases twenty six states and then you have some states that are stable and some states they're actually decreasing so when the word hot spots is being used I get the very serious and the scientists haven't figured out why because you have situations where you had mass gatherings and the number of Kobe die cases a relatively low and then you have others where the numbers are are fairly high so it indicates that all you need is one or two super spreaders that are in any crowd or you need a whole bunch of people to go to the casino yeah and and have super spreaders they are in the casino yeah which leads us right into the next story Moscow.

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