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Her in school. Betty graduates from high school and her dream as a little girl was to become a nurse but there was no college round where she could become a nurse. So what did she do? She went back home. Lived with her mom. Bhakta fetching water fetching firewood and selling and buying eggs this is. It's smart little girl. No opportunity for six years. That was her life and one day it was like she lost all hope and she's fetching water and she's going to the river and she looks up in the heavens. You said God it. This is my life like if this is all there is. I don't WanNa Live. And she saw that river and she was ready to jump in their snakes. Crocodiles and Hippos. But then she had another thought she thought. What's my mom going to do if I kill myself? And what kind of example am I going to be to my brothers and sisters and what? This is the key. What if tomorrow? There's a miracle and I'm not even here for it and she decided that I'm not gonNA kill myself. I am going to wait for that miracle two weeks later. A neighbor told her about week. College and the scholarships and Guess. What program the scholarships or for for nursing and Betty applied and got accepted into the nursing program. And when she we brought her to. La For one of our events. And I actually couldn't even her story for two days. I was so emotional but when I was sitting next to her I said Betty your faith. You called us in like you. That she held that vision against all odds. And and then I was thinking I said and it is such an honor to be a part of your miracle. Do you know what I mean. It's like that's what happens when you give. It's like the highest honor to be able to be part of somebody else's dream in their life and so then we came up with a b the miracle campaign. It's like that's what we all are. We get to be the miracle and we get to be a part of somebody else's miracles and the miracles just they flow back and forth so currency just like money. That's it money doesn't disappear. Neither does miracles. That's why I encourage people to have that black Carter faith to sit there so many people my mission in life beyond supporting unstoppable is to impact a thousand people impact. Thousand people will be happy basically to have that faith to make this one's going to sit on the side of the river at one time or another that's right and that's exactly it and it's like do. I even care. That's what I loved it so much because I certainly resonate with that and there are people it's like if is is all there is it isn't right but so many people throw in the. Tau And the miracle is right up there like if tomorrow what if I quit today and tomorrow that miracle is going to be there for me and I quit to bring this full circle into entrepreneurials base. What if sent the Kersey would have just stayed in her corner office working for sprint? Never really would know or impact. Hardly anyone probably lived a very comfortable life not nearly as challenging as it was for betty right but I believe spiritually emotionally. It would have been as great of a loss is. Betty would have thrown herself into the river so all of us aren't in the place. Although more of us are more of us you know suicide is way out of controlling. Id Depression Opiate Addiction. All related to happiness. Sometimes you do have to make the decision and wait for that miracle and do everything that you can for allowing it to happen. And I'm just so grateful that you came here taught those lessons. That are entrepreneur lessons. His life lessons of what it takes to enjoy a consistent persistent pursuit of your potential by helping other people's allowing the flood of favor to come into your life. I know it. Has I know your husband? Your children your grandchildren and you live in abundant beautiful life. That's GONNA be -membered through others forever. Which is awesome and I just love you and thank you for coming on this day. Meltzer with his mentor and so proud to have the founder of unstoppable entrepreneur author and really dear friend. Cynthia Kersee entrepreneurs the playbook by hope. You enjoyed this week's episode of the playbook as much as me on a personal note. I just wanted to thank everyone for making the playbook such a success. Don't forget to continue it by sharing subscribing and listening to your favorite episodes. Is Dave Meltzer with the playbook?.

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