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America in hamilton county court at nine o'clock this morning elmwood police mayor william wilson and his husband elmwood police maintenance supervisor william smith are facing multiple charges after the couple got into a fistfight at their maple street home police say the two became intoxicated drinking at saturday cincinnati pride celebration they started arguing as they left and at escalated when they got home ending with the two in handcuffs and placed in the hamilton county jail wilson is also facing charges for trying to flee from police twice before they were able to take him into custody melissa neeley newsradio seven hundred wliw firefighter died after he was critically injured after working on some compressed air cylinders the firefighters name has not been released yet but he worked with the paint creek joint ems and fire district the accident occurring at the range borough station yesterday afternoon about two o'clock he was airlifted to kettering medical center and was pronounced dead at the hospital title the ohio state patrol says sixtysixyearold paul client of middletown was riding his bike on fisher avenue in middletown saturday when he failed to stop at a stop sign at the intersection with sunset street that's when police say he was struck by sixtysixyearold sharma finley also of middletown who was driving a twenty seventeen jeep cherokee klein who was wearing protective equipment died on the scene while police continue to investigate alcohol and drugs are not suspected of playing a part in the deadly accident mattress newsradio seven hundred wwl w roseanne barr speaks out in her first interview since the tweet that got her show canceled felt they hate magnet that's roseanne barr in her first interview since the tweet that got her sitcom cancelled by abc four weeks ago speaking by phone with rabbi shmuel bo tat for his podcast bar often sobbing again denied that are tweet which said former obama adviser valerie jarrett who's black was the child of the muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes was racist i'd never do it i get it do that bar also said abc had a condition when they hired her for the roseanne revival twitter they 'cause you'll shoot yourself in the bug if you're on their roseanne says the blame is hers now i don excuse it i horrible regret are you kidding i've lost everything christopher watson abc news news radio seven hundred wwl sports here's.

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