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Capital of South Carolina for funeral of massive proportions there's a horse drawn carriage that's gliding through the streets with the casket on the bath draped in American flag then the casket is brought in to a large church that's ornately decorated with flowers and wreaths one by one people step up to the microphone a man who understood the art of compromise but now that the sacrifice of principle and praise the man's life and accomplishments from early childhood until the day of his death his life was governed by a strong sense of responsibility to help his fellow man the man that they're there to eulogize senator Strom Thurmond the longest serving member in the history of the US Senate he was a noted segregationist in open races for much of his early career including his opposition to the early civil rights act in the nineteen sixties and his opposition to the desegregation of schools and so because of that history which made senator Thurman a controversial figure throughout his career it's a little surprising who comes to the microphone next to speak at his funeral Roman I shared a life in the Senate for over thirty years we shared a good life there it made a difference senator Joe Biden I disagree deeply was strong on the issue of civil rights in many other issues but I Y. sin change there's a.

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