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Talk Radio six Wcbm, Baltimore and violence in Portland, Oregon. I'm Chris Foster of Fox News. Police there, say people vandalised buildings and tried to get into a courthouse. Many of the protesters their opposing federal officers presence in this city A day after President Trump said he would send law enforcement two more U. S Cities and administration source tells Fox News that there are currently no plans to deploy additional federal law enforcement to troubled cities. The president cited. New York Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore. And Oakland, California as places to send federal agents, noting the city's mayors were liberal Democrats, state and local leaders in Oregon have called for the president to remove Department of Homeland Security secret Police forces from Portland after video showed unidentified personnel rounding up people and whisking them away in black Mini Vance. In Washington. John Decker Fox News president. Trump plans to resume appearances at White House Corona Virus briefings today. And after months of resisting the idea he's tweeted a picture of himself in a face mask writing. Some people call it patriotic if he can't socially distance, follow the president's lead put on a mask, and I think that's the best way for a spokeswoman Kaylie Magnante on Fox and negotiations over another round of Corona virus. Financial relief. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Stephen Manoogian at the Capitol this afternoon, will meet with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. After lunch with Senate Republicans to talk about the plant, Some Democrats in Congress are again asking about foreign election interference in a letter to FBI director Chris For Ray. How's Figured Nancy Pelosi asked the agency to brief all members of Congress at the earliest possible opportunity. The New York Times reports. Democrats believe Russia is sending information to GOP Senator Ron Johnson, who's been investigating Joe Biden and his son, Hunter and links to Ukrainian energy company. Fox is Rachel Sutherland. Americans listening to you? Jerry and Chris have spent the last 40 years writing their story together, building their family, their business.

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