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Vince was hands off now on television. And there's money to be had so vince to stay. Well i mean they could stop firing their top talent and that would be a really good way to keep the networks happy anywhere and saying moving because we did last week. And i don't wanna do it again and i'll just throwing you know i know i know i know how to moscow a really good pro talking up as match Tonight against retaliation said we'll talk about that a minute but i- colorado took Do kuttan pretty solid match between the two kinda dig do cuts a little bit. Like i'm like in the swagger that's going on there in kyle. They mixed very very well together. Like how they're sort of working inner joining him into the roster so yeah. I think i'm certain digging a little bit. He's he's got a little something something going on there. You don't know what the product is you so you don't know people tune in or not raised up the last two weeks or whatever and they've been focusing on different talent at least give it a chance wait it. It could be exactly the same or could be something different. I think what's got a lot of people worried and scared. It is the logo in the way that the logo looks because they've got like the bright colors and it's very artsy and it's a complete departure from what The annex t logo is now in terms of all the scheme. But it's like that could be one version of the logo because the way that's designed is really designed to be incredibly versatile and so they can make it really whatever they want to be. That may not be the final scheme on it. Also show also made the background black as what it's dynamite anyway in colorado beat do cuts in. Okay hon no no we go back to us as throwing it in their if literally make the background black. It's donald but it's like the logo could be a lot like what they do with the marble logo treatment where they can put anything they want in the marble logo and then in the end they take it to the actual marble logo. So it's a very similar concepts of what they did to exceed. So it's like they could just have the paint scheme in there for the albright and colorful. Because i mean it's it's very dark and gothic and the one thing that we have heard right since the beginning of this whole light. Changeover is that they want to make it a much lighter brighter show. They feel like it's far too dark and so they're going to brighten it up. They're going to breathe some life into it so to speak not that it really needs it but you know basically make it not as oppressive feeling because it is a little bark because hunters hunters into that kind of shit. So you know it's like it's reflecting more of like his metal and the darkness because you see a lot of those characters that are getting put out there and they had the brooding entrances and. Yeah that's what the show is. So i think they're trying to make it lighter and brighter and maybe appealing to more people. Nowhere did on poppies going to appear again. But i'm sure she will know we'll get wall That's okay who while as yes. One hundred percent yes We had ilia drag off lip to the ring to talk about how he survived his fight with. Walter i have no idea. I don't know anything about this man. But i respect this man because he knows how to dress himself like impeccably. I respect you. Ilia wholeheartedly like you did not need to send that hard with that whole turtlenecks slack dress shoe or low for whatever the hell it was thing he walked out there looking like a goddamn bond villain and it was good. It's like i respect you sir wholeheartedly. Like like even had a little lake face thing going on but it was like i get into this. I'm okay with this kelly ryan. I don't remember anything. He said that. I remember the outfit. He bit he said was he survived. That's the prosperous of it. He took down the ring general and he long live. listen czar. that's all. He said as offensive channel for him. So he's going home and he'll be back some point that's where we got him. You go off you go drinks. Vargas you go conquer europe now. Yes kalay talked about Coming over to the to the you asked me coming a top player next. Because he's a shake up in the next wounds division So we'll see what she's capable of from what i've seen of her. She's very very talented. So we'll see. I mean she was one of the. She's not the long version lewis renting women's champion. Might be now. She surpass rea- mayhem. I don't know if my bag camilla hayes was view he talked about the pasadena challenge. Various styles electra. Lopez showed up and said north american championship with santos titled to win then. Santa cruz showed up as a one time passed because he wants to be able to walk him to be able to walk into his opportunities escorts. That would be why style the business. Okay i'm just gonna say this. I know i've said this before. But whoever decided that we need to have goddamn mafias in annex t i love you. I love you so much because this this whole thing that they're doing with santos in the crew. I am here for it. I am one hundred percent into this. I have no idea why it just like the bloodline stuff that they're doing on smackdown. It's the god damn mafia and they're here for you like they're going to take everything you own but we're all fine with it like this is what they're doing the hit row and lookout odell fantasma. I love this. This is really really good stuff to me. I don't know why i'm weird. I'm sorry but. I just love the vibe that it gives off because it's like they're both trying to go for the same thing and they're really really really serious about it but they're being civil to each other right. It's not it's not like the you have the good guys and the bad guys who were it's like the the heels or whatever being the smart ask the he'll or the faces being the smart ass now they're being rather gentlemanly about it and they're dislike. Fuck you know fuck you. Let's fight like that's that's how this is going but you still have the balls and stuff breaking out in this like for four and it's just more it's a turf war like i don't know how else to describe it but it's like it's a turf war and i love it like i don't know who's is behind the whole hit row llegado del fantasma storyline. But god damn genius. I love this is so good Imperium beat maverick increase in waller drake. I hear like nothing could trace seeking back while they were okay. Not because they're billing something and then they got cova and his partner. I know but it just. It just feels like he is. Some random circumstances happened that the unfortunate she like. They haven't done a lot with him. We have in talking to johnnie and say give dexter chance missile awesome gar- gargano gang zuma's puts us wanna be normal before we got. We saw gd and jc leaving sarah laying in the backstage area. Okay before we go to the mat. Can we just talk about. How dexter lummus and indie hurt. Welsh arthur shots today by sending out wedding invites on twitter. Any invited the undertaker. Go girl you go. You go for the expensive gift. He probably won't come but you send him the wedding registering you just like sly bed over there. You probably should have included his wife because she would more than likely to get the gift but you go because you shot that shot. Like dexter invited sina no idea no idea of sin accepted like i'm trying to go food twitter's while we're talking Just to see who responded because some people did respond. Dexter invited the undertaker to okay. All right they built. They both went for it. They're going for the good gift i see them. I see them bravo. Good job sent him the registry. But i told rock this and it's kind of a missed opportunity that they didn't go on like the not or they didn't create a website that was essentially indian dexter wedding page and they didn't like create either like a fake registry or they didn't set up like a link where you can donate to charity and lou of getting them gifts like they could have like full sent on this and they didn't do it and that's fine. That's completely fine. But i'm just saying like y'all could've gone on the knock dot com and like just set up a whole website for them and had like really awkward engagement photos and just like the whole whole nine yards. Especially if there's like a month between the proposal in the wedding like y'all just could like done the whole spiel and you didn't do it but it's fine. It's fine because you have them sending in by twitter but is it wrong. I won't take her to come now. You're the back like a full taker gear and you just have marking the back sitting there..

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