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You contracts there. And he's like you can buy shoes that are like making fun of zhang or something like he's trolling. The whole apparatus authoritarianism which is interesting. I think for what the chinese will do what they tried to do. Generally is take it out on usually the parent company right. 'cause did that that that that has the broadest chilling effect possible right at the top down pressure on at us but i yeah in the thing is you know like when he had the third one took his games off. Tv in turkey which is obviously smaller market. But it's not a tiny In the nba had his back. In that case. I mean look. I think when the nba came down on the side of a basic free speech after the dust settled You know like you always knew. Some other player could talk about china. You know like this was looming out there you know. And and so It'll be interesting to see how how far the chinese take it Because basically at the end of the day if the nba is not going to control the speech of all their players. Like you're always gonna be living with this possibility in. You're either gonna have the nba in china. You're not and that's ultimately like chinese decision. Yeah and a multibillion dollar decision on the chinese people really like basketball. Yeah it's not without it's not like an obscure. Sports is the most popular by far the most popular american sports. Yeah in china. There's some costs You you mentioned a cancerous spoken out against the turkish government. I saw over the weekend. A report that president air to one of turkey declared ten western ambassadors including the united states ambassador. Us ambassador that persona gra normally that means they literally expel you from the country because those ten countries called for the release of a prominent turkish civil society activist named osmond kavala. So that relationship is going well. Well i and again look all these guys want is for to to to feel so pointless to challenge them. You know like like across the board every autocrat. Whether it's trump in this country who make wants to make people can turned off and cynical or whether it's the chinese government trying to bully companies or whether it's air to on trying to bully ambassadors. Whatever it is they're just trying to make. It seem so tired. Some and futile and not worth it. You know and and once you succumb to that you're you're toast. Speaking of exhausting fights Let's talk about Bennigan's the israeli defense minister signing an order last week that designated six well known palestinian human rights groups that are operating in the west bank as terrorist organizations so the defense ministry claim that these groups are linked to popular front for the liberation of palestine or pflp which is a left wing organization. That has sort of a political movement and military wing. It has carried out attacks against israel That pflp has been designated as a terrorist organization by the united states by israel by the eu. So that they're sort of quantity but the connection was new between these human rights groups in the Pflp announcement was quite controversial because he's six groups are are well known got funding from the united nations from eu member states leaders of the groups. Say that the designation was just an effort to silence them to cut off their funding. The state department said that they didn't have any advance notice About his action that they wanted more information Liberal israeli cabinet members and members of the knesset were pissed because they didn't get any advanced noticed. Amnesty international and human rights watch released joint statement. That said quote. This decision is alarming escalation that threatens to shut down the work of palestine the most prominent civil society organizations quote so ben. I'm just wondering what the state department should do here. Obviously if there is evidence that an organization is supporting terrorism in some way or hiring terrorist members. Like that is a big deal. That's relevant. of course you'd want to know that but none of that has been made public. And i'm not sure i've heard process through which it would ever be made public or kind of relying on hearsay at the moment. But i i don't know what do you think states can do here. So i mean this feels like complete fucking bullshit to me These are very prominent organizations. You know they're not like a weird you know you just heard of them for the first time. These are like the prominent palestinian civil society humor positions the by the way report not just on the israeli government but on the palestinian authority and hamas and they work with international organizations. And you know so and look on the intelligence side you know with these releasing have this information if if there was one organization right you might think okay. I wonder what you know. Is there something happened in there. Like is there some money trail the fact that they're six of them. You know feels much more like an effort to just shut down palestinian civil society than some very precise intelligence based case about like somebody who works at one of these ngos has some ties. That are troubling. You know so. So i it just feels to me like what part of these organizations do is revealed the injustice of what's happening on the west bank and you want to eliminate palestinian civil society The the state department part of what bothers me about this is like the state department statement. i think noticeably pointed out that they had no advance notice to revisit something we've talked about on the show like the case made by the biden administration. Is that a quiet approach but you never have any public differences with these really government is the one that's going to yield results on all this stuff that we care about..

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