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The fourteen yard line on the far. Flexes Glastonbury three lights to the writer. Motion across the formation. Followed by Peter chapter. Brady fires little. Mccourty? From the high tackle Joyner happened forty one ninety eight five the sports hub, Jillian ten catches one hundred forty one yards. One hundred forty one of Tom Brady's two hundred sixty two yards passing in the Super Bowl. Fifty three win element began the season with a four game suspension finishes the season as Super Bowl MVP, and he and Brady were off to Orlando and a trip to Disney World. Now the question is being asked whether he'll end up as a hall of Famer. NFL live crew. I don't think so I just look back at the patriots has done. Welker, Danny amendola and joined element. I think you know, when when when players are this big and these biggest spots and I'm talking about primarily playoffs as well. As Super Bowls. I think it adds a little extra now when you think of the top five quarterback slash receiver combinations in time and then league know ago, I said, I didn't think he was in the top five or when you look into big moments in people go back, and when they start talking about voting for the hall of fame, I think he will be in the hall of fame because of those big moments and what he's been able to do in that position. And he's done it as well as anybody ever in NFL history. I think Damian listen, I love Jews like the next, man. But I I wanna say it's overreact. I. When I think of hall of fame, I'm not talking about hall of good, very good. When you talk a hall of fame, you talking all time great players guys that can play in any system any era and St. still we'll get it done. He's been great New England Patriots system. But I don't know if he's a transcendant guy guy that you can do that you think of long of the Randy moss is a, you know, Terrel Owens and all the great center in the hall of fame. So I wanna say, you know. All right. The system it's an overreaction from. I actually think that Troy west Danny success probably works against him a little bit when conversation. This is the thing that works against them, quite honestly, and coaches, right? The only thing that even allows you to have the conversation is the success in the postseason. That's a big game. They don't win the Super Bowl without him last night. So let's be clear about that. But you also have to realize this. He's got thirty career touchdown receptions, k which we need to count the regular season thirty. Andre Reid has seventy four. You look at a guy like Hines ward. He's got eighty five Marvin Harrison has one hundred twenty eight thirty touchdowns is not getting done. It's a little bit like thirties. Kind of the Mark for interceptions for corners have thirty interceptions. Like, good luck. Getting yet. So thirty touchdown receptions, and by the way, only two seasons where you've ever had over a thousand yards playing in this era. Only one season we've had over one hundred catches in that offense. I I just I don't think it ends up being closed. Now, I think people have the conversation because of the postseason success, but that doesn't add up to the guys that have cats. Wait though, regardless of whether he winds up with one of those gold hall of fame Jackie's, he does earn a ring on Sunday as the Rams they did not they lose to the patriots. They are now one and three in Super Bowls two of the three losses coming against the patriots. The guys PTI chiming in on the situation. No, they're not damaged. They got. They got some more to go from the day this season started, including our buddy, Steve Young. They thought this was the Rams championship season. They lost it. There's no shame. We just said they lost to the greatest ever. That's important greatest ever. Did. What does it does? That mean your awful, no points. I told you there were a Mirage two points are phony. This things happen all regular season. The playoffs. I don't happen to any sport and golf has got some work to do. He could be scarred by this. But I don't think there's any need to be Rams obviously denied an air. I bid to win the Super Bowl is the LA Rams there now Owen to as in Super Bowls as the LA Rams straight ahead. Top twenty five match up in college basketball. Sportscenter allnight continues CSPAN radio..

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