Mr Costa, President Trump, Mr Boutros discussed on Mark Levin


Mr Costa's press pass, it's clear was based on the content of his reporting. The fact that he was asking you see this is what they want the court to the content of the reporting. Not his conduct. The content on the reporting not as conduct. First of all, he's not reporting. There's no reporting going on. He's arguing over term with the president United States, the president answered it, but he didn't accept the answer president answered again. But he didn't accept the answer. Then he went on to question. Number two. Then question number three. Then question number four. It's his conduct. Mr boutros. You wouldn't dare conduct yourself this way in federal court would you and when you go into federal court and the next day or two you're not gonna conduct yourself like the Jim Acosta of the legal profession, are you? Why is that? Because we'll get thrown out on his ass. And these judges injustices wouldn't tolerate for one second that kind of conduct that took place at that press conference. Not for a second. We're not elector where lifetime appointments where Judah that's not the point. The president is holding a press conference. He's not hiding from the press. There are one hundred and fifty members of the press they're including many who've been on TV who called him Hitler racist liar. Misogynist, every know every word in the book. They're sitting there April Ryan that guy. Peter what's his face a whole bunch of them even other reporters from CNN others? Others. The first amendment does not give a property right to a seat and a heart past Mr. Kosta. The nation is not threatened in any respect the constitution the first amendment freedom of the press by Mr Costa's absence. As a matter of fact, it's improved because more reporters can ask more questions of the president. When Mr Costa's not there. Go ahead. Tough questions and has been doing that the all right. Forget it. This guy. These are hired mouthpieces. That's what they are. I'll be right back. Mm-hmm..

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