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Now back to more of money Richard well on talkradio six eighty. All right. We're back money, riches and wealth. Part of the show the beach boys this coupe. Did I get it? I tell you. There you go on one for one today not not like normal anyway. We have about ten minutes. We got Stephen Joe with us and Steven tell everybody bet your website again. And what you do. Stephen. They're gonna lose them. Maybe he got bored with our show. Now, I think there's some kind of some kind of something happened. But if you're just joining us, we spent the last fifty minutes outside of commercials talking to Stephen Joe, who's the owner, founder and. I wanna say operator. Owner operator of making model cars dot com. A service that really prevents people from having to go to dealerships if they want to buy new cars or lease cars. Okay. So he's back with us. So we're going to bring him on there for the last few minutes. So Steven Steven tell everybody about your website, and what you guys do fair. Yeah. Yeah. So we are make and model cars dot com. So like cars make and model. We are a car buying service. Whether you're buying or leasing we primarily deal with new cars by your shopping us. You know, still reach out to us we provide consultation as well. And so we we really just try to ease ease the process saving money. Save your whole lot of time. So it sounds like it would be no risk for people. Right. They can go through the process with you. They can come up to see what the deals like, and they can accept it or decline at the end. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Definitely no strings attached. You know, and then also service I actually provided for me to kind of over the offer that you were offered. So let's say I cannot provide a car for your lesson. You're out in California or somewhere else in the country. And I you know, I can't provide a car for you. I'll give you a second opinions. Okay. Unbiased and really sort of bring value to you. And so you also help people with repairs, and that's that's probably the really the area of most people get hurt because it's so easy for somebody to come in and say, oh, this is wrong. This is wrong in this is wrong. And it's gonna cost you eight hundred and fifty dollars. And and what's what's the what's the car owner gonna do? They're going to say, how do I know the difference? Oh, yeah. Yeah. And you know, for the most part I'll try to diagnose things as much as I can over the phone. But there are a lot of ways to save money on our regular maintenance. So how we hired how changes where do we buy our parts to me by our parts online or separately? And you know, how much does arm mechanics charge? And and so there are a lot of questions kind of go into it. Some of it is beyond my scope of just understanding just from a mechanical perspective. It's it definitely helps to have a second opinion on on things. And to know that there are cheaper ways to get things done on your car. Do you know is there a trick to find a really good mechanic that you can trust? Well, so, you know, the age old referral. That's that's probably one of the best things we can do. But you know, I I find yelp to be a really great resource because I Mike business thrive off of gel because in New York City. We're actually rated number one on gal, and I know in in non urban areas yelp is not as popular. But it kind of the way they do their review systems. They they kinda weed out the fake reviews or they have a process for that. So if a car if a garage has some good reviews chances are it's garage. Yeah. I was with a client the other day in this young guy. His son was with me. He wanted to talk about stock city wanted to possibly buy when he tells me was a car Vanna, which is a vending machine for cars for automobiles. And I thought you gotta be kidding. I'm pulling it up in darned, if it isn't it's a high rise six seven stories high in your car is in there. And you put your coin in will spin around and your car will come. Pretty novel. I mean Carbonneau is not by competition because your new cars, you know there. There's a place where Colorado for for people who are shopping, but I'll tell you this. When you go here, you can use a service like Carbonneau or buy from a dealership in general, whether it's carmax or whoever it is you're ago, your local Honda dealer. Remember, you are you're paying for someone else to make money, right? Just profit involved in that. And so, you know, as a as an expert in the field, and as a car myself, I probably would never use a service like that. Almost the perfect Carlos looking for and I couldn't find it anywhere else, which they don't really carry that. Anyway. I just thought it was not well now, you know, not all cars. Do you buy from the building, you know, a lot of them? They just drive house and drop it off. But I thought it was still a novel cotton people's attention, get your tension..

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