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Radio hello there no more from the big night Saturday in the NBA you got one St continuing another one ends with surprising ease the raptor winning streak reaches fourteen Esperanto at home pulls off the Brooklyn nets one nineteen one eighteen now on the other side the losing flying to the Minnesota T. wolves is over at thirteen outside calls works beautiful spent will put this one the excitement at eight thirty WCCO in the Twin Cities the T. wolves wallop the clippers one forty to one fourteen Karl Anthony towns twenty two points thirteen boards and so shy one assist shy of a triple double he had nine eight drew Wiggins with twenty four is Golden State debut but it's not enough Lakers get twenty seven to ten boards from Anthony Davis twenty two eleven assists from lebron James in a victory over Golden State on a college court I know you've heard it many times over the years what a game between North Carolina and do the tar heels and hold it hold a thirteen point lead with under five minutes ago and in overtime a window more junior put back at the buzzer it's the blue devils the ninety eight ninety sixth road win couple of upsets the pac twelve Oregon state over number fourteen Oregon by ten at UCLA stuns Arizona be the twenty third ranked Wildcats you need to start by thirteen at UFC forty seven Jon bones Jones retains his world light heavyweight title with a unanimous decision over Devon appraised coming up Monday on gold the window will give you our biggest takeaway from week one of the XFL this weekend plus who won the weekend we'll find out gold window Monday six eastern on ESPN radio ESPN two.

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