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High profile suicide especially coverage which fixate on the gratuitous details of a person's death or you can take the word gratuitous out of there if you think that you know you don't wanna use that word especially coverage which fixate on details of a person's death can lead to more suicides it's called suicide contagion here is kelly mcbride vice president of the poynter institute quoted when we cover suicide or responsibly we actually make the problem worse because there are things in suicide stories that are scientifically proven to create the contagion effect now what's the answer to that my question to you is what what do we do about that i've called for and you know who agrees with me david hog the activists we don't agree on gun policy david haagen i but we both agree that people should stop covering school shootings in a certain certain way the way that they do with a big head shot of the evil school shooter all over the news for two days and then people coming in and various profiler is talking about the all the experiences at the school shooter had and then putting their social media accounts on on tv so everybody can look at what they said and then maybe even showing there the other day we were treated to the effect it wasn't that big of a story i was glad the way the news media covered the school shooter in parkland he they released his cellphone videos the prosecutors in the.

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