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See a traffic tie a call the Davis discount tire traffic tip line two one two nine seven five eighty eight eighty eight follow us on Twitter at WCBS eight eighty traffic our next topic a day less than ten minutes on WCBS are inextricably weather right now we'll get our five day forecast from meteorologist Michael sini patchy cloudiness early this morning temperatures steadier slowly rising to around thirty degrees in Central Park by daybreak later today verbally cloudy hi fifty one Friday night mostly cloudy with there is a late night talk low forty eight areas of fog early Saturday otherwise cloudy breezy and warmer with a shower in spots a record breaking high of sixty four on Saturday Sunday rain in the morning then becoming breezy with clouds and some sunshine hi record breaking sixty eight on Sunday Monday partly sunny high fifty becoming cloudy Tuesday with an afternoon shower possible high forty six it's thirty three degrees right now in the city windchill making it feel about twenty eight WCBS news time twelve fifty officials in New Jersey say the capital city of Trenton will begin replacing all thirty seven thousand lead water pipes over the next five years trend mayor read Chaura announced that one hundred fifty million dollar plan Thursday the chaurus as residents must register on the utility's website and pay a thousand dollars have their lines replaced he says that's a savings because replacement typically costs about two thousand to five thousand dollars per line and taking a look at our birthdays today for this Friday January tenth Rivlin born singer Benatar is sixty seven years old Donald Fagen of Steely Dan sake native is seventy two George foreman seventy one years old and this call is forty one years old president trump son in law and adviser Jared Kushner is thirty nine and that age was rockstar Rod Stewart celebrating a birthday today Rod Stewart is seventy five years old thirty CBS news time twelve fifty one years WCBS digital pro Kim commando yesterday I told you about my favorites at the annual huge C. S. trade show in Las Vegas today a few fails it's Friday's consumer tech of day brought to you by zero get the wife by.

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