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Just to leave open just in case it doesn't work I mean I do think they're going to try and give us a solo run because I have to say wrestling has been getting better. Watching is as clumsy as at times. Exchange. Maybe. I'll be good for ability to go back to Ed exte- maybe maybe it'll be good for them to try some stuff alone by just think everyone knows how close they are it just felt efusing credibly forced you know I don't know I just. As I say I know people might find him unbearable by those eighty one would want to see the iconic sexually split up. See whether do maybe just manage each other because they just can't team. Maybe yeah. Maybe Billy's about mouthpiece and I do think it's Rally. Maybe who knows but we'll have to say but as of now, the iconic can no longer team and riot squad are the number one contenders to Jackson Baseline, which is a scary thought for Ryan Morgan I'm not GonNa lie that's just frightening. then. Moving onto the mysterious. Before the match Seth and Murphy you obviously came out seth newsradio angry and he's Blaming Murphy for screwing, up toes into get out. Slap Him in the head tells me to shut his mouth kind of stuff. Seth really played this. He'll roll really really well, I have to say Murphy's played like his party really well. He's got the door coordinator set file just got the seth order they has. Literally literally like that Dominic clothesline Murphy from behind nosy going the ramp and looking back at rollins and ran down and got the match underway. He's very impressive for being really new to this. Yes. Yes and I I really do think seth rollins has been one of the best people to put him up against like on a rotation. He sells for him kind of got. You can see guiding dome from one moment into another. Something I feel I still feel dumb obey slack on like the storytelling in the ring like he's clearly talented. I WANNA see. Now, what next I wanNA see dominant go against someone else now sets kind of carried him in here Yeah the. Stuff afterwards like the mysterious firmly backstage and the mom looking like she's going to cry and I want them to start treat him like a wrestler, not a child you know. That that has to stop quick because they've told that story now we get it. We've seen it great for what next I WANNA I wanNA start to see something next I mean set saw the family packaging stumped more to be fair but as I say I think seth has done wonders for dominate is just what can dominate do now to build on it I think the me Are they going around that rates hurt. Yeah. I. Wonder Like I wonder. Yeah. Because I'm I'm assuming it was getting dragged on the tag matches and stuff like that..

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