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Cool like The family of a young man gunned down by a CPD officer still looking for answers. We'll have more on that next market today, even after strong economic data. And earnings reports will take a look at the numbers Look at WGN Traffic and the Dan Ryan Express lancers, an accident reported. This is outbound near 47 Street. The family of a man who was fatally shot by a Chicago police. Reacting to the release of body Cam Video of the shooting, Anthony Alvarez was shot while running away. He did have a gun in his hand. Get more on the story from WGN skill in martial. That video was shown to family Tuesday and released to the public yesterday. He shows the moments that led up to the killing of Anthony Alvarez, but family says they still don't know why he was targeted by police drop. The officer fired five shots. A 22 year old Anthony Alvarez, killing him near his Portage Park home. Back on March. 31st now chase started Have. The police pulled up on Alvarez at the gas station near his home that led to the foot pursuit, and then the shots were fired, Police said at a progress had a gun in his possession at the time of the shooting. However, they did not say if the gun was pointed at police Civilian Office of Police Accountability released the video ask their investigation continues. What is not known is why police trying to stop Alvarez at that gas station. An investigation into the civilian office of Police. Accountability is well underway. The covered pandemic has put a strain on enrollment and Illinois colleges We give more from WGN Spam Joan Enrollment across all higher education institutions in Illinois is down by more than 7%. The drops at University of Illinois Springfield and S I U Carbondale were smaller than at other schools decreases continued from the fall semester into the spring. 21 semester Have Jones WGN news. And we have more news for you now and Indiana Man arrested for kidnapping, beating and sexually assaulting a nine year old girl is now being investigated for a possible tie to the 2017 Delphi murders of teens Abby Williams and Libby German 42 year old jeans. Brian Chadwell was arrested last week. He was terrorist with attempted murder and other crimes. Police say Chadwell has been on their radar and that Delphi case there now looking into him is a four year anniversary of the murders approaches. Police are still looking for tips. And the murders of the two teenagers. My maker is reacting this morning to President Biden's historic congressional address last night, representative Beth they and dine Republican for Texas. Is among GOP lawmakers criticizing the president's tactics. We heard him talk about bipartisanship at.

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