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Safe Howie, Steve what's, the poll, question what are the results less far who. Will be the democrat nominee in, twenty twenty. Willoughby Kamala Harris Bernie Sanders Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kirsten gillibrand or someone on that list I'm gonna say Elizabeth well, I'm, gonna say former Senator Elizabeth Warren them hoping she. Loses in the fall seventeen. Percents Elizabeth Warren. She's the front runner amongst the candidates. That we've listed out ten percents. Say Kamala Harris nine percent say Biden seven percents a Sanders seven percent say Cory. Booker just three percents a gillibrand forty-seven percent. Think it's going to be somebody else on. That who's not on that, list. Somebody under the age? Of eighty some are seventy-five all right let's take a couple of calls here eight four four or, five hundred. Forty two, forty two, bell you're, next with, Howie Carr go ahead bell Yeah I just wanted to thank you for having the most intelligent. Stowed today on Newsmax TV with Pat Buchanan and I would hope that all the other shows on Newsmax, would take a cue from you and put him? On there because he had the most intelligent thing. To say, on Newsmax TV today so I want. To thank you again, for having. A great, show thank. You, and this is, the best column I think Pat written in months and he, goes down, that whole. Laundry list of stupid moves that we made that just kind of antagonize, the Vladimir Putin, the Russian bear and you, know Glen Grunwald. The the left winger who, was on another show earlier. Today he made the point to between the US and Russia that's ninety percent of the. World's nuclear weapons now isn't it. Better that they're. Talking to. Each other we're talking to them and they're talking, to us you know he's Trump said this before. He left he said he. Said better relations With Russia is a good thing not a bad thing I mean it seems self. Evident isn't that what the Democrats told us for all these years. And now. Now they now they see that they can, they think they can, score political points I don't think they can so they they're they're willing to to bait the bear thanks for the call bell Arthur you're. Next with time, okay we'll keep going with us we come back eight four four or. Five hundred forty two forty two we have a guest on the way but the traffic is really bad, in this monsoon this afternoon so we'll just keep? Going with us we got a lot more stuff. To get, to eight four four five hundred forty. Two forty two I'm, Howie Carr.

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