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Another thirty five hits. He'd have that season season in only twenty six games. Pete's returned to Cincinnati hadn't only reenergize the fan base it had reenergized him as well all all of a sudden he was only ninety four hits behind ty COBB. The all time hits record was within reach and it looked like he'd break it it as a read the nineteen eighty five season dawn with a sense of palpable excitement the press warm the city like never her before eclipsing anything. Pete had seen in his heyday. Everyone wanted a piece of Pete rose and he was happy to oblige them. Before the season started pete made an agreement with the sporting news to make daily journal entries throughout the season they'd be compiled piled into a paperback called countdown to Cobb. He also made a deal with the Cincinnati Inquirer to allow a young journalist named John or Artie already too closely cover. Pete and the team throughout the season as part of his background research Iraqi interviewed Pete's mother Laverne Burn. He had no idea it would lead to one of the most stunning revelations in the history of sports parts while they got to know each other laverne brought up the previous season's world series between the San Diego padres and the Detroit Troy Tigers. She told Iraqi that Pete had lost a bundle of money by betting on the underdog padres. Gherardi ready did a double take. He wasn't a season sports writer but he knew that if what Laverne said was true it would be grounds for Pete to be banned from baseball for life..

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