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It sounds like let's dress fucking hit the vodka was like well or as one has Wednesday. Coliseum. Yeah. So then they do. So then I'll bright. So then they go to Lawler versus Tommy rich. But not because they they're upset with each other. But because like time you're just like I deserve a shot at the title and lawler's like all right, man. I mean, if you feel this God if you felt that way about it. You could have come to me, Tom, you know. And law. All this whole time. Lawler is emphasizing like, yeah. I am friends with this guy. But I mean, this is how I put food on the table. Like, all right. Well, first of all the the tables at McDonald's. Put fine. And and and friendship goes out the window. So there is a certain aspect of like. All right Lawler, fucking you could make friends that you can make money. I get it. I get it. So then they have the maj before that match even starts now. Austin idol comes out, and he's like I deserve the title shot. So whichever one of you wins. I wanna face you for the title side of Bockel, and this I love I love that everything is revolving around the title that these personal feuds are occurring. But it again, it doesn't have to just always be somebody kidnapped your daughter, right, or, you know, blinded you or hit you with a fucking car. It's about the fucking being the best, you know. And so then all these other things a little bubble up to the surface because of that. Yeah. And so then that maj ends in a blood stoppage. Like Tommy rich runs into the post and is bleeding to the point where the referees. Like, no, we're not going to continue. Now, Tommy Rich's, even like your friends with the promoter. That's why you got the title shot your friends with the referee. That's why he stopped the fucking match. Then there's there's one backstage interview with with with Lawler, Lance Russell where I have never I have never seen that before this fucking kingly for outfit that fucking lawler's where it's like over his shoulders and Mike tied in the front like with cross strings, but like furry likes stretching out with the for Robert plant would wear. It's it is it is. And there is even like something of it's so brilliant too. Because like lawler's talking about like, oh, we'll we'll in Austin idol said he wanted the winner of that match. I apparently he meant that night and land sources like well. Yeah, we got some. We have comments from Austin, lawless like, well is I and he's holding his format and Lawler looks at Lance Russell's format, and he's like, well, I don't know where you have that interview schedule. But can you run it now while I'm out here because I'd love to see that. And then like well, and they both like glance at somebody off camera like trying to like, it's just so brilliant. Yeah. It's just it's so brilliant because there's so much psychology even to that. Right. You know as opposed to were just showing the replay. Because this is when we show the replay were showing the footage because you know. It can be really good. It can be really good. When it's can be really simple. It's all needs to be simple. And then they show off tonight. A wearing his outrageous outfit. I don't even remember what it was then. But here's the other thing we're still leading up to lawler's Bach WinCo swimmer, so often we get a Bach winkle interview. And believe me once I have the DVD things open. Now, I'm like why is this in this one? I gotta move around this needs to be this. This one's almost not even full can reorganize. Now. I have a fresh one for this other. But once Nick Bach winkle starts talking. I'm sure this was the case thirty fucking years ago for people everything stops. Yeah. Like, I stopped every and looked up, you know. 'cause I mean, he is he's like it needs to be said again. But he so fucking articulate and just that voice, it just it like ever if there were other people in the room. Everything would stop even non wrestling fans. I submit but settlement or attor. I mean, it's just you just like who is this. Yeah..

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