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So we're just getting ready just give figuring out the sound and all that, and so if you can hang with us but we fancy microphones now the fans. will be able to be like. Kinda podcast. Yeah, we'll make Joe Rogan kind of money where we could just leave California because. Right now, tell us when harkness. Especially, in California, the hot mets county has been on fire for the last week. Yeah. Because we had a lightning storms and then do with no rain yesterday. Just everywhere brandon. and. Then we had a heatwave. Almost never happens of drew that we usually very moderate. You know everything. Yeah. No we have heat wave with breezy lightning everywhere. Yeah. Yeah and then you had a tornado land in New Orleans and Texas giving day a hurricane a hurricane pain and if you pay attention people are starting to say it's Overly. Lifted. By the end of the I've never heard that before they in times of natural disaster yet without. Yeah. Most most. Most Christians. Say. Maybe I'm maybe I'm going to sound like an ignorant asshole. I don't think. Okay how about this my friend? Yes. Who is a Christian? Yes. And it's a nice guy. Happens to believe that the world is coming to. Based on his readings in the Bible yet or he believes that. is going to rise from the ground and him and Michael the Archangel are going to duke it out but they didn't supernatural season thoughts Satan and Michael Your. Friend of Michael No statement like the Archangel Basin the. Season Five, could you also think since the end season five? Of Supernatural was was that prophecy was a prophecy and that's what's going on right now world and had remaining supernatural prophecy mean. It's. Fucking TV shows TV show. And he said there's some actual real stuff. Close tonight those he studying religion I guess he's a religious steadier to study or study I is religion a student of. Yes that's a major major. Oh. Really. Yeah. Theology. He said supernatural was pretty close to. Some some stuff from the Bible. Not a pretty close. Anyway it was just a thought I. Don't know why abrupt end up and it was just a has nothing to do with. Today. Other factor California's burning on. There are Hella people there are people in my favorite. You believe the world is GonNa end in their lifetime right because. Copper's in Iraq ship. Yes. A lot of people the world's GonNa, end is actually on on it's creating. So if you're in that belief while you know. Get a live like there's no tomorrow against the advice rate. I mean if there's no tomorrow went out live like there's no tomorrow. Yep everybody take your pants off. Do the do the Wiggle. It about to and fro side. This is all up and down the neighborhoods even get a good helicopter go right. So I don't even know why breath it out. It's just interesting that California I grab on these northern California. But this happens like every year you have it's earlier now last year it happened September October lately it's been happening in October. Now now. Now it's August and talking to the beginning of audience, and so we have like I forgot about willing. To be on the really at one. Yeah but dip. And then everybody like air conditioning yet. You know admittedly I was too because the conditioning yet says, it's Nice, I don't have air conditioning in my house. I have a fan I have a feeling that you get the actually. All right. Good. Very well. Not as well as my air conditioner closer conditioning. To work because at work, we have conditioning. Working extra eight hour or read. But I, that's what I wanted to talk about today what I wanted to talk about today was. I send you that. Link if you if you out there listening in six listeners six six look dude we are coming up in the World Joe Road on your ass if we are coming. But if you're one of six hundred search youtube channel, you need to go check out it's called you betcha. The guy from. Wisconsin leave. Veteran it's it's a West Kansin Midwest Dad. The guy's fucking hilarious. I love this -Sconsin, West. I love -Sconsin. Great Way. This family. Right Rack up and I'm GonNa Crack Up Anne Cooper nature of here your. Life. Think, the world is ending their. Wisconsin probably believes that were ending I know a lot of people there due to to do and. You don't get started on this world. Is Thing. So moving on. Three. Here's the thing about the world is ending cancer. We're GONNA. Go to the world is Andy I can't get away from that I just got to get this off Murray we can becky daydream People even if the world is ending. Don't act as world is ending. Actors if you WANNA be like. You. Want your children to be. Okay. That's all that accurate. So don't act like immediate. DON'T BE A. Jerk ass or just. Like don't Brooklyn Pixabay of Texas. Texas coach Yeah don't do that. Am I think he had explained to the people takes students everything now the Texas dishes when somebody So. So you're probably familiar with parking lots people think. Shoot me over and there's the type of parking lot were parked cars. They've pulled in any slots next to each other in a row. So the Texas douches when somebody in multiple spots diagonally instead of straighted. Shadley. And take multiple spots. It's called the Texas because I've only ever seen Texans do it I've seen them in California over. Done. Actually. When I went to grocery shopping the other day dude that's why I thought of today's the other day when I'm grocery shopping, there is a dude. Texas. The meat you know. There was plenty of spots. Nobody needs to. But. But I mean and it was all made the back of the parking lot. So he probably figures like, Oh, it's all in the back of the parking lot. So it's not gonna be so Dushi if I pulling here in like you know. I mean at least there I've seen people do the Texas like in the front door of a place, right? That's pretty. That's That's just fucked up. So anyway, let's get back to you. Betcha. The video that I was watching you better. Did you watch? The daydream themes the five seizures day drinking. That is like the perfect.

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